10 Basic Warm up Exercises before Workout

Warm-up is the best thing to prevent yourself from injury if you’re going to do any exercise, basic warm up exercises before workout are like jumping, arm circles, walking, etc.

Warm-up, as the name suggests, we warm up our body through warm-up exercises.

Warm-up exercises are a very important thing that we should do before a workout. It prepares our body for workouts and other heavy work.

Warm-up exercises are not tough to do, anyone can do them easily. The main works of these exercises are to do blood flow to the muscles and make them active to do any heavy workout.

When you do any warm-up exercises you body get instant energy and you feel more active, without doing warm-up exercise your body won’t give his 100% to the workout, to give those 100% your body requires these exercise.

 Then your body will give its 100% and you can do your workout more efficiently and get better results than without warm-up exercises.

Every professional athlete or sports person does a warm-up before their performance. We can say it enhance our performance. So it is necessary to do warm-up exercises before doing any heavy work.

Here is the list of 10 Basic Warm up Exercises before Workout:

1- Windmill

2- Jumping Jacks

3- Side bends

4- Lateral Lunge

5- Arm Circles

6- Inchworms

7- Side Arm Raise

8- Running in place

9- Skipping without rope

10- High Knees

10 Basic Warm up Exercises Before Workout

10 basic warm-up exercises are explained in details. The procedure of doing these exercises are explained in very simple way so that no difficulty will come in performing and understanding the procedure.

You get to know about every single basic warm-up exercise that in which part of your body these exercise will work and what benefits they will provide you.

1. Windmill

The windmill is a basic warm-up exercise before doing workout for beginners, it works on your oblique, shoulders, and lower back muscles. Targeted muscles get enough stretch in the muscles which help to increase the flexibility of especially core muscles.

When you do windmill warm-up exercise you can feel the stretch in your muscles.

How to do Windmill exercise?

Stand straight, make some distance between your both feet. Then raise your arms at your shoulder level.

Touch your left foot with the right hand, get back to the initial position then touch the right foot with the left hand.

Repeat the process.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a full-body warm-up exercise and works on all your large muscle groups.  Jumping Jacks are very easy to do, anyone can do this exercise.

Your all body parts are engaged in this exercise, easily activate your muscles, and make them ready for the workout.

Perfect warm-up exercises for starting your workout.

How to do Jumping Jacks?

Keep your feet together and your arms by your sides, then jump up with your feet apart and your hands overhead.

Return to the start position then do the next rep.

basic warm up exercises before workout

3. Side Bends

Side Bends exercise increases the flexibility of your spine and rib cage. It will also improve the core strength.

By doing regular exercise promotes good posture.

Side bends are very effective in trimming love handles.

How to do Side Bends?

 Keep your body straight, raise your hands over your head keep them straight.

Now bend your left hand and your body on the right side. Stretch your body as far as you can. Now bend your right hand and body to the left side.

Repeat the procedure.

4. Lateral Lunges

Lateral Lunges are very good to improve your flexibility, balance, and strength in your body.  Thighs are the target area of this warm-up exercise.

Lateral Lunges give strength to your back and core muscles and make them strong.

How to do Lateral Lunge?

Stand straight with your legs apart. Now you have to bend your right knee and keep your left leg straight. Your whole body weight on your right leg.

Then get back to the initial position.

Bend your left knee and keep your right leg straight.

Repeat the process.

basic warm up exercises before workout

5. Arm Circles

Arm Circles are very helpful to provide proper stretch to your shoulder joints. Arms Circles allow your hands to move freely and blood flow increase in your arms.

The hand is a mostly used part in the workout and it is important to do proper hand warm-up exercise to make your hands ready for the heavy workout.

Arm Circles is a perfect exercise to make your arms ready for the workout.

How to do Arm Circles?

Stand straight, open your arms from the side and make the parallel to the ground. Now rotate your arms clockwise after some time rotates anticlockwise.

Repeat several times.

6. Inchworms

For doing inchworm you have to put some effort. Your hands, legs and your waist are the major part engaged in this basic warm-up exercise.

The whole body is doing some activity which is the benefit of doing this exercise. The maximum number of muscles are working and getting ready for your heavyweights.

How to do Inchworms?

Stand straight, bend your body and walk your hands in front of you as far as you can, then walk your hands back to your initial position.

basic warm up exercises before workout

7. Side Arm Raise

The targeted area of the Side Arm Raise exercise is the shoulders and arms. When you perform this exercise you can feel the pressure on your shoulders and arms area.

You can make them more intense by holding some weight in your hand, which will put more weight into your exercise.

How to do Side Arm Raise?

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Raise your arms to the sides at shoulder height, and then put them down.

Keep your arms straight during the exercise.

Repeat the exercise.

8. Running in Place

As we all know how beneficial running is. This is the most basic warm up exercise you can do before workout. In running in place exercise you don’t need parks or tracks for running, what you have to do are just running in your place.

You don’t need that much effort in running in place as you put in normal running. But the movement of body parts occurs in the body which is a good warm-up.

How to do Running in place?

Stand in your place. You have to do running without displacement. All movement of arms and legs will be the same as normal running, but you do not have to move forward.

Just do running in the same place where you are standing.

9. Skipping without Rope

In the Skipping, without rope exercise, you are doing jumping and hand movements.

It is also very helpful in weight loss and calorie burning.

It will do the toning of the upper and lower body. If you are a beginner you can feel some pain in your legs but as you do it on regular basis, it will be easier for you.

How to do Skipping without rope?

Skipping rope is a very common exercise. But if you don’t have rope you can do skipping without rope.

Stand on the floor. Assume that you are holding rope in your hands and do the skipping action. The only difference is that you are not doing it with rope but the movement of the body is the same.

10. High Knees

The movement of your legs helps them tighten and strengthens your quads.

High knees are helpful to strengthen all of the muscles in our body and to facilitate daily activities.

High knees can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.

How to do High knees?

Stand in a straight position. Lift your left knee as above as you can and switch with the right knee and do the same.

It is like running in a place but you have to lift your knees than normal running.

FAQ: Related to Basic Warm up Exercises Before Workout

There are lots of queries came in mind of people about basic warm up exercises before workout we have to do it or not. Some question are answered here.

Q.1 What is a Dynamic Warm-up?

In a dynamic warm-up, your body is engaged in an activity with continuous movement. You do not hold any position like static stretching in the dynamic warm-up.

It is a very good way to get your body warmed up for a heavy workout or other activity.

Examples of Dynamic warm-up:

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Skipping without rope
  • Inchworm
  • Running in place

    Q.2 Upper body dynamic exercises

Upper body dynamic exercises are those exercises in which your target body parts are from your upper body like arms, shoulders, chest, and waist. 

These exercises are not different from other exercises basically as its name shows upper body exercises.

Examples of Upper body dynamic exercises:

  • Arm Raise
  • Side Arm Raise
  • Arm circles

    Q.3 Lower body dynamic stretches

Lower body dynamic stretches are stretching your lower body parts like legs, butts, and thighs. It will help you to improve your lower body health, make your lower body parts strong and increase their flexibility.

Our whole body weight is on lower body so it is important to make our lower body healthy and strong.

 The restriction in joints and movement can be cured by stretching.

Examples of Lower body dynamic stretches:

  • Lunges
  • Quad stretch with wall
  • Knee to chest stretch
  • Lying butterfly stretch

    Q.4 What is Static stretching?

 In Static stretching, you hold a position for 20-30 seconds to stretch your specific body part. A target area is stretched in this stretching and full pressure is applied to that muscle or body part.

Static stretching is very good to stretch your body and give proper pressure on muscles to make them strong.

Stretching is also helpful in relieving pain.

Examples of Static stretching:

  • Cobra Stretch
  • Child’s pose
  • Triceps Stretch
  • Standing biceps stretch
  • Shoulder Stretch
basic warm up exercises before workout
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Summary of 10 Basic Warm up Exercises Before Workout

In this article, you get to know about the 10 basic warm up exercises before workout and types of warm-up exercises. You can use this information and make your warm-up session better, which will prevent you from injuries, which occur due to lack of warm-up.

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