10 Best Fitness tracking apps


Fitness tracking apps usually ease your workouts and you get the support of technology for doing workouts and making your body fit and fine.

You don’t need to write down your workout plans or write your diet plans in the notebook.  Easily get your progress on mobile screen and fitness tracking apps will make your diet and workout plans best for your progress.

10 Best fitness tracking apps

Below there is a list of the 10 best fitness tracking apps, including android and iOS apps for android and ios users.

Check out which app will suit you and perfect for your workouts and will help you more to keep you fit.

Android fitness apps

For Android users, I bring you some Android Fitness apps, so these apps will help you in your workout.

1. HealthifyMe- Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Trainers

HealthifyMe is also known as the best dietitian app in India. It provides you trackers like a hand wash tracker, workout tracker, sleep tracker, weight loss tracker, and calorie tracker.

This is a very intelligent app that provides you a personal trainer for your diet and workout plans.

No-equipment home workout videos are available in the app, which is useful for both men and women.


Rating: 4.5

Size: 44 Mb




2. FitNotes- Gym Workout Log

It is a workout tracker with simple and easy to use for all users.

This app provides you calendar to track your daily progress. It will show your workout days and on which days you miss out on your workout.

You can add your custom exercises which you want to do like Olympic lifts, Plyometrics, Abs training, chest, back, legs, etc.

Fitnote app provides you Backup/Restore option so you can save your progress in DropBox or Google Drive.


Rating: 4.7

Size- 3.9 Mb


3. Tempo Fit

You can use tempo fit to make your workout plans and set your workout sessions according to your goal.

Tempo is a smart home gym for you, it uses the latest technology and 3D sensors to monitor your progress, workout session and help you to improve them.

It provides you the personal guidance for your workout, to make it more effective, provide you additional advantages, and secure you from injuries.


Rating: 4.9

Size: 42 Mb


4. Google Fit: Activity Tracking

You can track your activity and workouts from your phone or watch.

It will show you the real-time stats of your activity like running, walking, and bike rides.

You can set your health & fitness goal and once you achieved it, you can create a new goal or challenge to keep your body healthy.

If you do activities like run, walk or cycle all over the day, having your android phone or smartwatch with you, they will automatically track all your activities and add the data to your Google Fit journal and you will get credit for your every move.


Rating: 3.9

Size: 13 Mb




5. Health Tracker

You can track your BMI (Body Mass Index) and the amount of your body fat.

Health Tracker provides you Diet Articles so you can get more knowledge and plan a proper diet for you, Slimming Tips to help you to maintain your body and make it slim.

Fitness Articles that will help you in making a workout plan, Cardio and Tabata Workout Videos so you can get visual of workouts and get knowledge from them.

Provide you a Calendar to monitor your daily and monthly progress.

Health Tracker offers you some more features like a plant-based Diet, Lean Body Mass, workout guide, and static Gym.


Rating: 3.7

Size: 15 Mb


Best iOS fitness apps

Here are the best ios fitness apps for ios users, so they can track and plan their workout using these apps.


1. Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans

Fitbod keeps your workout sessions fresh and fun by mixing up workouts with new exercises and maximizing the use of equipment.

It will show your workout impact on the body heat map and you can monitor calories burned for each workout.

Between workouts, your training plan will maximize fitness gains by intelligently varying intensity (weight) and volume (sets/reps) between sessions.


Rating: 4.5

Size: 19 Mb


2. HeavySet – Gym Workout Log

It is a workout tracker for weightlifting, bodybuilding, and strength training. It has a simple interface so you can track your workouts easily and efficiently.

You can add any exercise, make notes for exercises and track assisted exercises.

Some Features are:

– Auto-advancing exercises and supersets

– Full exercise history with notes

– Plate calculator

– Local notification when timers end

-View all current rep records for the current exercise

– Training max for weight calculation


 Rating: 4.6

Size: 42.3 Mb


3. Stacked – Workout Tracker

Stacked is a 100% free app without any restrictions or hidden upgrade fees.

You can set weight and rep goals for your exercises. With the help of the Stacked app track your records for all exercises.

Your data will be back up automatically in the cloud so you use it for future reference.

Check your past workouts including exercises, sets, notes, duration, volume, and more. 


Rating: 4.4

Size: 116.4 Mb


4. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Strong is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced powerlifters; it provides all the features to record your workouts as effortlessly and as quickly as possible.

Features of Strong:

         The simplest interface of any fitness app

         A comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises – and you can add your own too!

         Fully-featured Apple Watch app to log workouts with or without your iPhone

         Built-in Auto Countdown Timer to help record rest breaks

         Track your progress with graphs for Volume and 1RM Progression


Rating: 4.9

     Size: 171.2 Mb




5. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

You can connect and add your friends to stay motivated and share your workout progress with them.

You can share your workouts via email, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

JEFIT provides you the most user-friendly and simple UI. 

Features of JEFIT:

         Track cardio and strength training exercises

         Create your custom exercises and view the progress of your favorite exercises

         1300+ exercises for all major weight lifting equipment including barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, strength and cardio machines, and more

          Fully customizable routines and exercises to create daily workout programs

         Routines specific for your goals, i.e. getting six-pack abs, building a lean body, lose weight, increase strength


Rating: 4.8

Size: 150.4 Mb


Tips for fitness tracking apps

Use these apps to maintain your health and make your body strong by workouts. With healthy body healthy mind is also required so also make your mind healthy.

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