10 Best Home exercises for men


Before performing any exercise you have to do proper warming up session. It will prevent you from any muscle cramp or injury.  Warm-Up makes your body for the activity or exercise you are going to perform.

Do a minimum of 10 minutes warm-up before exercise.

Here is the list of 10 best home exercises for men:

1.      1.  PUSH-UPS

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This exercise will help you to increase your strength. Chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back, and legs are the target of this exercise.

This exercise is very effective to keep your chest in shape. The number of reps written below is for beginners and you should increase the number of reps by the time.

Exercise Procedure:

Lay prone on the ground with arms supporting your body.

Keep your body straight while raising and lowering your body with your arms.

Bent your arms, inhale while going down hold your positing and breath for few seconds then exhale while coming up.

Do a minimum of 15 push-ups.

2.      2. INCHWORMS

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The inchworm exercise will strengthen and stretch the muscles of your body.  This exercise is inspired by the rhythmic movements of inchworms. The core, upper back, and chest are the target of this exercise.

It is a very good exercise to build strength in your muscles and stretch at the same time.

Exercise Procedure:

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your body and walk your hands, while standing at one point, in front of you as far as you can, then walk your hands back.

You can make it harder by doing push-ups whenever you reach maximum distance walking by your hands.

Do a minimum of 12 reps.

3.      3. SQUATS

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Squats will help you to strengthen your lower body muscles. Regular exercise gives you better strength in your legs than a person who does not practice squats.

Thighs, hips buttocks, quads hamstrings, and lower body are the main target of this exercise.

Exercise Procedure:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms stretched forward, then lower your body until your thighs are parallel with the floor.

Your knees should be extended in the same direction as your toes. Return to the start position and do the next rep.

Do a minimum of 10 reps.

4.      4.  SIDEARM RAISE

Sidearms raise exercise is also known as Lateral Raise. This exercise will help you to develop stronger and broader shoulders. It will increase the flexibility of the shoulder joints.

Anterior heads of the deltoid, shoulders, and lateral are the target of the Sidearm raise exercise.

Exercise Procedure:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms to the sides at shoulder height, then put them down.

Repeat the exercise. Keep your arms straight during the exercise.

You can make it harder by holding some weight in your hands.

Do a minimum of 25 reps.

5.        5BURPEES

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Burpees are one of the best exercises that boost your stamina for sports and other activities. Even just 10 to 15 burpees in a row can make your heart pound and your breath get quicker.

Burpees exercise is a safe effective and natural way to help reduce your blood pressure.

Exercise Procedure:  

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then put your hands on the ground and kick your feet backward. Do a quick push-up and then jump- up.

Do a minimum of 12 reps.

6.       6. JUMPING JACKS

Jumping jacks are bodyweight exercises that are great for the health of your bones. It will help you in making your bones strong and dense. Doing jumping jacks for around 15 minutes can burn a lot of calories.

The World Health Organization suggests that at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity is good for cardiovascular health.

Exercise Procedure:

Start with your feet together and your arms by your sides, then jump up with your feet apart and your hands overhead.

Return to the start position then do the next rep.

Do a minimum of 30 reps.


Floor tricep dips are a great upper body workout it increases your arm strength. Its main focus is the triceps but it also works out your shoulders your chest as well as your core muscles.

Repeat this exercise to strengthen your upper arms.

Exercise Procedure:

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Put your hands beneath your shoulders with your fingers pointing towards your hips.

Lift your hips off the floor. Then bend and extend your elbows to lower and lift your hips.

8.      8. CAT COW POSE

The cat-Cow pose will improve your body posture and balance. It will strengthen and stretches the spine and neck.

It creates emotional balance, relieves stress, and calms your mind.

Exercise Procedure:

Start on all fours with your knees under your butt and your hands directly under your shoulders.

Then take a breath and make your belly full down, shoulders rollback, and the head comes up towards the ceiling. As you exhale, curve your back upward and let your head come down.

Do it slowly with each step of this exercise.

Do for a minimum of 1 minute.

9.       9. RUSSIAN TWIST

Russian twist allows you to burn a good amount of fat from your body. It will help you strengthen the lower back. Doing regular Russian twists exercise will reduce your belly fat and make your abdomen slim.

Exercise Procedure:

 Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet lifted a little bit and back lilted backward.

Then hold your hands together and twist from side to side.


Image Source: https://www.thehealthsite.com

Cobra stretch is a great exercise to strengthen your spine muscle. If you are facing the problem of back pain you can perform this exercise it will provide you relief and regular practice of Cobra stretch will cure your back pain.

Exercise Procedure:

Lie down on your stomach and bend your elbows with your hands beneath your shoulders.

Then push your chest up off the ground as far as possible.

Hold this position for 20 seconds.

Perform all exercises with caution and in a proper way and do regular exercise to maintain your body. It will also make your mind sharper and strong, so make a daily routine and start doing regular 20 minutes of exercise.

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