10 Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

workouts to lose belly fat

Belly fat is not a big problem, but it has become a very common problem in today’s time. Nowadays, children to old people, spend hours in front of TV or mobile.

In this article you get to know about 10 best workouts to lose belly fat. These workouts are very effective in burning belly fat and making a healthy body.

Physical activities have become almost non-existent in today’s kids. In earlier times, parents used to scold their children and call them home when they used to play outside the house for a long time. And nowadays parents scold and send children to play outside.

Eating less food at home and eating more junk food outside is a very big reason for increasing belly fat and bad health.

To lose your belly fat these workouts will help you but you have to be faithful with your decision of losing belly fat and getting a healthy body and flat tummy.

Keep away your body from junk food; eat healthy and homemade food which is healthy for your body.

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Important tips to lose belly fat

Some important tips which will help your workouts to lose belly fat more effectively and lose your belly fat quickly.

You have to consider these tips in your daily life before you move ahead to the workouts to lose belly fat.

  •  Drink water before eating food, this will make you feel less hungry, and you will take fewer calories, which you can easily reduce through workouts.                                     

 Apart from this, you have to avoid drinking water in between meals, because the water taken during the meal dilutes our digestive juices.                                               
Due to which the process of digestion slows down, our digestive system should be good to reduce belly fat or to keep the body healthy.

  • Take high protein in the morning breakfast, which will help in reducing your belly fat. This will increase your metabolism and will give you strength. Protein also has the specialty that it burns fat.
  • If you take more amount of salt in your diet, then to reduce belly fat, you have to reduce the amount of salt in the food. Salt retains the excess amount of water, due to which the stomach remains bloated and fat starts accumulating in the area around the stomach.
  • Dairy products healthy are considered a healthy diet, but to reduce belly fat quickly, you have to reduce their quantity in your diet. For this, you can consume substances like Almond Milk, Almond Cheese, and Coconut Yogurt.
  • To reduce belly fat, it is also very important for you to get good sleep. Since short sleep harms metabolism, it becomes difficult to burn fat cells.

That’s why it is very important to get a good sleep so that any workouts you do to lose belly fat are effective.

  • Reduce the stress level as your increased stress level also affects your belly fat. The increased stress level triggers the adrenal glands to produce the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is also called the stress hormone.

When the level of this stress hormone increases, we feel hungrier and we start overeating. Due to this fat starts accumulating around the stomach.

  • Drinking too much alcohol can also increase your belly fat because an excessive amount of alcohol can lead to the risk of central obesity, which gets deposited in the form of fat around the waist.
  • To reduce belly fat and maintain good metabolic health, you should consume only a small amount of refined carbs. For this, you can use whole grains and vegetables instead of white bread, white rice, and soda. 

Workouts list to lose belly fat 

Here is the list of workouts to lose belly fat:











 High knees

The high knee is a very good and effective workout to lose belly fat. When you perform this workout your belly area gets into a repeated motion and the belly fat starts burning.

This is a simple-looking exercise that does not even require much effort to do. But as time progresses and due to repeated foot movements, its intensity increases.

Due to this, this exercise becomes even more effective, and many calories are also burnt in doing it.

The muscles of your core and legs are strengthened; flexibility, momentum, and coordination become better.

High knees workout is very effective in burning calories quickly and is a useful exercise to lose belly fat.

Do at High knees at least 40 sec and 2-3 sets in one session.

How to do High Knee exercise?

Stand straight at your position. Now you have to do running without any displacement. Run in your place while pulling your knees as high as possible with each step.

You can do it slowly by getting your knees much higher or at a fast pace with move movement.

You can use hands; get your hands in front of your body to make sure that your knees are coming up.

Russian Twists

Russian twist
Photo by Amanjot Singh from Pexels

The Russian twist is a very effective exercise, which helps in reducing your belly fat very fast. With this, your core muscles and shoulders also become strong.

Russian twists are a very popular exercise, which has many benefits, not just one.

Doing Russian twists burns a lot of calories in no time, this will help you burn belly fat. Another benefit of this workout is it improves balance and posture, strong core muscles, flexibility, and good body shape.

The movements of Russian Twists look simple but it takes lots of effort and strength. Lots of people prefer this workout to lose belly fat.

How to do the Russian Twists exercise?

You can hold a medicine ball, weight plate in your hands or you can just make your hands in a position like you are holding something in your hands. Sit on the ground by keeping your back straight, bending your knees at 90 degrees.

Now move left to right without moving your legs and head. Only your middle body does the movement.

To make it more intense do the movement faster and hold your legs up in the air, which needs more energy and strength and burns more belly fat.

Do Russian twists for 40-45 sec and 3 sets in one session.

 Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are very good and very beneficial for burning belly fat. This exercise directly affects your belly fat and starts reducing it rapidly.

Bicycle crunches, as the name suggests, are a combination of two exercises. In which there is leg movement of bicycle paddling and movement of hands and upper body of crunches.

This workout helps in losing belly fat, makes a strong core which helps in maintaining good posture, balance, and flexibility which is very helpful in daily tasks.

How to do Bicycle Crunches exercise?

Lie on the floor folding your hands behind your head. Bent your knees and keep them at some height from the floor.

Now you have to do the bicycle pedaling motion by moving your elbows left to right.  When your left leg is bent’s move your right elbow toward it and when the right leg bent’s move your left elbow toward it. Keep the other leg straight when one leg is bent.

Perform this combination of movement with coordination of leg and hands in fast motion.

Do Bicycle Crunches for 40-45 sec and 3 sets.

 Elbow Planks

elbow planks

Without any doubt, Elbow Planks is an excellent workout to lose belly fat. The direct target of Elbow Planks is your abdominal part. 

Most of the pressure of your body goes to your abdominal part and is very effective in burning calories and losing belly fat.

When doing full planks your wrist feels more pressure and makes you uncomfortable to do it more.

 Elbow plank is easier and a better option for you. The core of your body will become stronger and an elbow plank is a great workout to lose belly fat and get a flat tummy or to build six-pack abs.

How to do Elbow Planks exercise?

Lie down straight with your face towards the floor. Now bend your elbows and your palms should be on the floor. Raise your knee with the help of your toe.

Your body should remain straight and the pressure of the whole body should be on the elbows and belly.

For keeping your body straight and up in position, you can contract your belly and prevent from deforming your plank posture. 

Do Elbow Planks for a minimum of 1 minute in starting and then start increasing the time. Do 3 sets or 1 min each.

 Leg Drops

Leg Drops are very easy to do workouts to lose belly fat fast. It is an abdominal workout that makes your lower abs strong. This exercise will improve your balance stability, flexibility and be very helpful in strengthening the lower back.

By performing it regularly it will protect you from a lower back injury and lower back pain.

How to do Leg Drops exercise?

Lie flat on the floor with hands straight touching the floor. Now raise your both legs to 90 degrees without bending your knees. Keep your upper body stable.

The movement of the legs should be slow and steady without any jerk. So that this exercise will become more effective as well as give more good results.

Do it for 40- 50 min and 3 sets.


 Single Leg Jackknife

This workout is very effective in reducing belly fat and strengthening the lower back. The main targets of this workout are belly, hamstrings, and lower back and hip flexors.

In this exercise, there is the movement of your hands and feet, which increases the flexibility in the hands and feet.

During the movement of hands and feet, there is pressure on your abdominal muscles. Due to this belly fat burns and the belly becomes flat.

When you perform a single leg jackknife exercise you will feel that your abdominal muscles are in the action and more time you give to this exercise more calories burns and belly fat start reducing.

How to do Single Leg Jackknife exercise?

Lie on the floor with a straight body. Hands are straight in the upper direction. Raise your left leg make a 90-degree angle by your legs and bring your right hand towards your left foot.

Touch your foot with your hand and get back into the initial position. Then bring your right leg make a 90-degree angle bring your left hand towards your foot and touch your foot with your hand. Then get back to the initial position.  

Keep the movement of the hands and legs slowly.

Repeat the exercise for 40-45 sec and do 3 sets of 40-45 sec each.

Reverse Crunches

 According to the American Council, reverse crunches are a very effective abdominal exercise. It will be a great exercise to lose belly fat.

Reverse crunches reduce the stress on spinal discs and it is easier for your back to do this exercise. The targeted abdominal muscles get into shape and belly fat start reducing.

Core muscles become strong which will make the body more balanced and stable.

Reverse Crunches will be a better option if your neck gets hurt by regular crunches. You can try reverse crunches instead of regular crunches in which there is no involvement of the neck in it.

How to do reverse Crunches exercise?                                    

Lie on the floor and make your body straight. Keep your hands straight towards your legs and palms down. Now bend your legs, and then move them in an upward direction towards your chest.

While moving your legs, mid-back should be touching the ground and moving your legs closer to the chest.

Do the movements of your legs and to balance your body you can the floor by your hands.

Repeat this exercise for 40 sec and do 3 sets.

 Jump Squats

jump squats
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Jump Squats is a perfect bodyweight workout to lose belly fat. You can burn lots of calories by doing jump squats will lead you to lose belly fat and strengthen your upper and lower body.

Performing jump squats daily will build your strength and give you cardiovascular benefits and a great exercise to make a flat belly.

Butts, legs, and abs start getting into shape with the regular workout, and the strength of the bones improves.

To move your body weight in the upper direction need more effort and consumes more energy and excessive fat of the body starts burning and the abdominal area starts getting into shape.

As the bodyweight gets into action in this strength exercise jump squats improve body strength and stamina. Which will also help you in daily tasks and sports activities like running, jumping, etc.

How to do Jump Squats exercise?

Stand straight; keep your feet slightly wider than your shoulder. 

Squat down keeping your arms to your side bending your elbows and then you’re going to jump up and extend your hips, reaching the arms straight up over your head and landing in that bottom position.

Repeat jump squats exercise for 30 sec and do 3 sets.

  Cross-body Mountain Climbers

Cross-body mountain climbers

We can say this is another form of mountain climbers’ exercise. In this exercise, we move our legs in the cross direction. The movements of legs in cross direction make it more effective to lose belly fat because more muscles are engaged in this process and more calories get burned.

The main target of this exercise is the entire abdominal region and strengthening the core.

It is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat as well strengthen your shoulder, improve balance, and lower body flexibility.

How to do Cross-body Mountain Climbers exercise?

Lie on the floor with your face down. Now raise your hands and get into the full planks position. Your hands should be straight and make the 90-degree angle with your shoulders.

Bent your right leg and move it closer to the left side of your chest. Then move back your leg to its initial position.  Keep your left leg in this process.

Now bend your left leg and move it closer to the right side of your chest and then move your leg to its initial position.

To make this exercise more intense, speed up your leg movement.

Do cross-body mountain climbers for 40 sec and 3 sets.    

 Flutter Kicks

flutter kick
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Flutter Kicks is another wonderful workout to lose belly fat. It is very effective in burning belly fat and strengthening core muscles.

It is a very simple exercise, you just have to lie on the floor, raise your legs and you are ready to do this exercise.

But the proper way to do Flutter kicks you get to know in the How to do section.

As you know now this exercise especially works on your abdominal region but if want to strengthen your lower back muscles, do this exercise lying on your stomach and repeat the same process.

How to do the Flutter Kicks exercise?

Lie on your back. Keep your hands near your buttocks.

Now raise both of your legs. Keep them in the height and straight.

Keep your legs straight move them up and down. Move your left leg up to your right leg, then bring your left leg down and move your right leg up.

Repeat the same procedure for 40 sec and do its 3 sets. 

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Summary for Best workouts to lose belly fat 

In this article get the knowledge about the best workouts to lose belly fat and some important tips to make your workout more effective and lose your belly fat quickly.

When you are adding these exercises to your workout be consistent and avoid the things which increase your belly fat. These are the best workouts to lose belly fat and you gonna lose your belly fat and get a flat tummy.

If you find this article informative share it with your friends and family members.

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