10000 BC Movie in Hindi 720p – 10000 bc movie in Tamil

10000 bc movie in Hindi was released in 2008, 10000 bc Tamil dubbed movie was a hit in box office collection. Still, the audience did not like this film at all.

10000 bc full movie in Hindi film was rated the worst film of 2008 and became the worst film directed by Roland Emmerich.

The trailer of the 10000 bc movie in Tamil had raised the audience’s expectations a lot from this film, seeing that it was guessed that 10000 bc full movie in Hindi is going to be a huge hit.

 But when the 10000 bc movie film was released, people’s expectations were dashed, and the film became one of Hollywood’s flop films.

Release date of 10000 BC full movie in Hindi

The release date of 10000 bc full movie in Hindi is 7 March 2008.

 Even though it has been 14 years since the release of this film, the name 10000 bc movie in Hindi is still on the tongue of the people.

People still discuss this 10000 bc Tamil dubbed movie film and refreshed the memories related to this 14-year-old movie. In the coming times also, there is no decrease in 10000 bc movie popularity.

In the coming time also, there will be no shortage in its popularity, and people will talk about 10000 bc movie in Tamil in the same way.

Cast of 10000 bc movie

The Director of 10000 bc full movie is Roland Emmerich.

Roland Emmerich has directed 10000 bc Tamil dubbed movie in an inferior way. There is no fun in watching the fighting scenes in the movie and seeing the surrounding environment shown in the film; the 10000 bc movie does not look so attractive to the audience.

Budget and Box office collection of 10000 BC full movie

10000 bc movie in Hindi was a hit at the box office. The article on Wikipedia mentioned that according to professional critics, the 10000 bc movie in Tamil was the Worst film by Roland Emmerich and the worst movie of the year 2008.

The total budget of the movie is 10000 bc full movie was $105 million.

It is a big-budget movie, and according to the budget, the VFX in the movie 10000 bc Tamil dubbed movie was terrific.

The box office collection of 10000 bc was $269.8 million.

Story of 10000 BC movie

The film starts while showing a tribe. They used to live in the “Frosty Mountains” and hunt the mammoths. Those mammoths rarely visited these mountains, and sometimes they never came. So these tribesmen had to face starvation.

All tribesmen are worried because of this fact. There is an older lady called “Old Mother” by the tribesmen. That “Old Mother” had the power to converse with spirits.

They encounter a girl named “Evolet”. A boy named “D’Leh” in the tribe has started to take an interest in “Evolet”.

D’Leh’s father plans to set out on a journey. One night, he says to his friend, I will have to go! Give me your words that you will not reveal anything about this to anyone. Neither will you expose this reason why I departed.

He sets out on his journey, giving the white spear to his friend. Everyone had started to mock “D’Leh” after his father’s departure.

Many years had passed, and D’Leh and Evolet had grown up. The mammoths enter their region once again. It is decided that Evolet will be wedded to that person who hunts first. And the white spear will also be awarded to him.

All tribesmen leave to hunt mammoths. They succeeded in entrapping a mammoth in a rope net. But that mammoth runs, freeing from the rope to an extent.

Mammoth brings D’Leh to the summit of the mountain while dragging them. Bring him there; that mammoth attacks D’Leh, and D’Leh hits him with a spear, but it does not get any harm. And it again assaults D’Leh. Then D’Leh attacks it with one more spear.

At this time, that mammoth is killed. Meantime, all tribes’ men also approach there. They were shocked that D’Leh alone had killed this gigantic mammoth.

Some horse riders attack their tribe at night. They captured the tribe’s males and females and took them away. Evolet was also among the captives.

But D’Leh and some of his friends survived. He plans to chase them. Then D’Leh proceeds, following the trails of horses and people of the tribe.

They reach the opposite side of the mountain when the land begins. They encounter all people of their tribe and Evolet. D’Leh tries to free his comrades, but they are caught again.

D’Leh and his friend get hungry, so he goes hunting, but D’Leh gets stuck in a pit. A Tiger is also trapped in that pit, and the hole is filling with water due to rain; D’Leh helps the lion to come out of the pit.

D’Leh gets to a village where someone has attacked the people there after seeing D’Leh and his companions come to kill them. But there comes the lion that D’Leh had saved, and these people do not kill D’Leh.

The people of that village also join D’Leh in his journey. Passing many Days of travelling, they finally go to the opposite side of the desert. They observe that grand pyramids are being constructed there.

D’Leh goes to those pyramids and attacks his comrades, and he kills their God. Meanwhile, the man who had taken away the D’Leh’s tribe members shoots Evolet with an arrow, and she dies.

All this that old mother is seeing through her powers, shown to us at the beginning of the 10000 bc movie. She saves Evolet by sacrificing herself, and Evolet is alive again.

Then D’Leh is given some seeds by the clan, which D’Leh meets on the way. These seeds were given to the tribe members by D’Leh’s father. D’Leh takes those seeds with him and grows them in his place. Plants start growing from those seeds and never need to be hungry again, and neither will they die of starvation.

Here’s the 10000 BC full movie . This short description of the story of 10000 BC movie.

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