Best Holi of my life in school

Best Holi of my life in school

This is the time of Holi and I was in Meerut. Studying in Metro Public School, I don’t remember the class in which I was studying that time.

Instructions for Holi Celebration

Like all schools, our school was celebrating Holi festival. There was a program to study the first four periods and play Holi after lunch.

We were all asked to bring color from home, but we were forbidden to bring water-rich colors. These instructions were given to us a day before.

Day of Holi Celebration

I had already told my friends that I will take a water-rich color from my house. I had already told my friends that I will take a water-rich color from my house.

When I reached school, everything was normal, I put my bag in class and then came to the ground with my friends.

After the morning assembly, we went to class and we started studying. Everything was normal but the eagerness to play Holi was clearly visible in everyone’s face.

Bag checking

After studying for three periods, in the fourth period, some teachers were going to the class of all and collecting colors from everyone.

Those teachers were checking the bags of all the students to see if any student had come with a strong water color.

I came to know that everybody’s bags are checked and I had a solid water color. I came to know that everybody’s bags are checked and I had a solid water color.

Color hiding trick

I got both the color packets out of my bag and hid them behind the window. I knew that no one in the class was going to tell the teacher about it.

Those teachers came to our class, asked us if we have not come with a solid color. Everyone answered no. Then he collected the normal colors from the class and went away.

Holi celebration

The fourth period ended and lunch was over. Everyone had lunch and after lunch was over, everyone go to classes.

Now we were waiting for the announcement of when to call us on the ground. After a while the announcement was made and asked us to come to the ground.

Me and my friends stayed there and when all the students left, I took out the color packets from behind the window.

With that simple color, we played Holi there. I kept a solid colored packet in my pocket and we reached the ground. All the colors that were taken from the students were kept on the table and all the students were playing Holi by taking colors from them.

Teacher and students were playing different Holi. We also took color from the table and started applying each other. After a while the teacher also came to play Holi with the students.

We applied color to all the teachers, especially the female teachers. Everyone was coloring each other.

My friends caught me and laid me in the class table and everyone got together and painted me. He had put color in my entire mouth and eyes.

Then I took out a pack of solid colors and started to color them. First I painted them all, after that I gave them that color and they also started applying that color to each other.

After playing Holi for a long time, the school was discharged.

On the way home, all of them looked like ghosts.

Had a lot of fun playing Holi in school that day, everyone had a smile on their face and everyone was happy.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope you will like it.

In next blog I will tell you about how I celebrate Holi festival in CRPF Camp.

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