Challenges Of Life – My Thoughts

From  childhood to be an adult, from birth to death. Life challenge us at every single point and every challenge teach us a new lesion. If we run from these challenges we never live life, so to live life first we have to face these challenges and experience life lesions.

“Life is the biggest teacher and it teach us with its experiences”

If we hide us in our room by the fear of challenges of life, we never learn new things in life which life is trying to teach us.

If we don’t learn anything form life, we don’t have anything to teach other and tell about our life experiences that what we lose or get, what we learn, about our mistakes.


To dream is very important and more important than that is to do hard work to complete them. If we dreaming all time and not do any work to complete them than it is waste to dream.


Aim is very important in life. If we don’t have any aim in our life, life teach us how to live according to him.  If we have aim in our life small or big, we will live life according to us. Because we do hard work  to achieve them.

     “After sleeping at night we got reason to wake up early, to work all day we have passion and working all day, at night we get restful sleep.”


Many situations came in our life which deteriorate or improve us or those situations come because of anyone.

If anything went wrong with us, we blame any particular person for that. But we never thought about that situation, in which situation we do something wrong or happened to us. In everything there are some exceptions.

“Every time people are not wrong, sometimes the situation is also wrong and we keep blaming people.”

Respect what you have…

Nobody care about your good or bad. People who are close to you feels bad but it is also for sometime, after that they also forget it.

Sometime later things get normal in your life, but that will affect your life which was happened in you past.

What is happened in your life and what you have be happy with it because we find something important after losing it. So what you have and what life you are experiencing, you know the importance of it after it will gone and then you think that “ past time is better than today’s time”.

Challenges of life never have end, challenges get harder with the age.

“So always be ready to face new challenges and to live the life…”

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