Dog potty in my friend’s hand

Village Wedding

I and all my friends came to the village. It was a time of cold winter. The village had an atmosphere of weddings. I had a wedding in my village. Me and my friends go to the wedding house in the evening time.

We had food there and people were dancing in dj. In other side marriage ceremony was doing.

Night Walk

We sat there for some time then we go from there for a small walk. Me and my all friends were chilling together. We go to the shop and buy some snacks we were walking and eating snacks.

Fun Begin

Then we move towards the wedding house. We all are doing fun. There were no street light in the road so the road was not visible properly. We are going suddenly one of my friend shout that he dropped pin from his belt and he could not put his belt on.

So he start searching pin on the road it was dark so it was difficult to find it. Then he got something in his hand, he thought that it was his belt pin he ask to put flash light on the thing. We put light on that and that was dog potty. Quickly he throw that and we all were laughing very hard.

Our smile was not stopping. Again he start searching the pin but this time he use flash light, After searching some time he got the belt pin. Then he put it on his belt and we move to the wedding house.

Dance floor

All of us jump on the floor and start dancing. It was fun dancing with my friends. We all are dancing that heat up our body because it was quite cold in the night. We danced for a long time.

Cold Night

Then one of my friend want to go home because he was feeling sleepy and it was quite late so we also decide to go our houses. We go from there it was cold outside and we all are feeling cold. On our way home, we decide to go again in the wedding house for dance. We drop our friend near his house who want to go home and again we move back there.

Good Night

Again we jump on the floor and start dancing but this time our body was cold and we were not enjoying. So we all came to our house it was too late in the night people were sleeping in their house and we are going from the marriage to sleep.

We all went to our respective homes and slept.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you had like it.

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