Dushera – Fair in Khatima

Dushera - Fair in Khatima

Dushera Fair

My family was gone to village and I was alone in the house. That was the time of Dushera, I ask my friends to go to the Temple, where Ravana Dahan was going to happen. My friend Rohit was coming to my house and Vikas was coming at the Temple. Rohit came to my home and I was already waiting for him. After he came we go to the temple. We were going on foot because that place was not far from my home. I was the time of evening.

We reach that place, the roads were blocked by police, and there were lots of shops and carts on the roads, it was looking like we are walking in fair. That was looking so beautiful.

We go to toward the temple were the statue of Ravana was made. The statue of Ravana was so big and looking super cool.

Ravana dahan

It was a lot of people, and it was very crowded. Vikas came there and we all are walking together. There was still some time in Ravan Dahan. So we were roaming there and looking at the goods of the shops.

We ate a lot of things while walking. Then we so inside the ground to see the Ravana dahan, Ravana effigy was set on fire and it started burning with many crackers. There were some more mannequins which were also burning. Fireworks were bursting in the sky and the light of the firecrackers.

The light of firecrackers was looking so beautiful in the sky.

Then all people were move towards their house and we were also.

Chicken Party

We say good bye to Vikas and walk towards my house. In middle of our rout I got idea to make chicken because after reaching home I have to make food for me.

We go to chicken shop and buy chicken from there and go to my house.

After reaching my home I change my clothes, open my laptop and connect woofer to it. Play songs and start cocking food.

I was just chilling with my friend and enjoying the cocking. The food was cocked and we sit to eat it. The food was very tasty my friend also agree it.

After completing food we wash the vessels. It was quite late and the house of Rohit was far from my house and hi did not have any vehicle. So I took my bike out and it was late so I told my neighbor aunty that I am going to drop my friend in his house and we left there.

It was night and little bit cold outside but it was fun riding bike in night with cold weather. Roads were also empty.

I drop him to home and came back.

It was a good experience.

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