F3: Fun and Frustration Telugu Movie Cast and Release Date

F3 Fun and Frustration is a Telugu movie directed by Anil Ravipudi and Produced by Dil Raju. A detailed review of F3 movie has been done, to provide you all the details related to the F3 movie.

F3 fun and frustration Telugu movie is a sequel of F2 movie which has been released on 12 January 2019. F2 movie is based on the life of a Married man and now the sequel F3 Telugu movie is based on the money.

From starting to the end of the movie it is full of comedy. It is a complete family movie; you can enjoy this movie with your family in theaters.

People liked the F2 movie so much and the expectations of fan are so high with the F3 movie. It got 7/10 IMDb rating. This is a good rating for any comedy movie.

F3 Fun and Frustration Movie Trailer

The trailer of F3 movie is released on 9 May 2022 on the YouTube channel of the producer of F3 movie Dil Raju.

People liked the trailer of F3 fun and frustration film very much. In the comment section, people have praised the movie a lot. People have also liked Venkatesh’s character and comedy very much.

The entire F3 movie trailer is full of comedy scenes which look fresh and funny. In the trailer, the side characters are also doing their job well and are contributing in making the movie even better.

Overall the entire trailer was very good and fun and after seeing the trailer, people have become more curious about the film.

F3 fun and frustration movie trailer released on YouTube: Dil Raju

Plot of F3 Fun and Frustration Movie

In movie a group of people want to become rich with using shortcuts. To get money they use the path of lie and deceit. But it is not so easy to scam someone and get their money.

Venky an Varun lead character of the move are trying to come up from their financial problem. But their problems will increase when they meet Pragathi Family. In the journey of greed of getting lots of money in quick way, they face problems which are full of fun and comedy.

There is a strong message in the F3 Telugu movie is that money is not everything in life. Love, Family and friends are also important in life.

Public Reaction of F3 Movie

F3 Telugu movie is getting the mixed reaction of public. Some people find it so entertaining and some are saying that there are old jokes and comedy scenes in the movie.

F3 Movie Full Form

The full form of F3 Telugu movie is: Fun and Frustration 3

We can see the reason behind the title F3: Fun and Frustration of the movie is the story of the movie. The whole movie is the combination of fun and frustration. Venkatesh and Varun are getting in the trouble and those trouble situations came with lots of fun and frustration.

Release date of F3: (Fun and Frustration) movie

The release date of F3 movie is 27th May 2022.

Movie is released on Friday 27th May 2022. A Bollywood movie Anek is also release on 27th May. F3 fun and frustration movie got the direct collision with Anek movie, but both movie did not get much affected buy this collision because F3 is a Telugu movie which did not came with its Hindi version so it is not possible for the people to watch the F3 fun and frustration movie.

Director of F3 Telugu Movie

F3 movie is directed by Anil Ravipudi.

Anil Ravipudi directed many movie in the past and he is also the director of F2: fun and frustration movie. Which was so much loved by the audience.

Some movie directed by Anil Ravipudi are Sarileru Neekevvaru, Raja the Great, F2: Fun and Frustration, Supreme, Patas, Naalavathu Singam and F3: Fun and Frustration.

f3 fun and frustration

F3 Movie Cast

This is the list of F3 movie cast. Venkatesh and Varun are the lead actor of the F3 Telugu movie. Tamanaah Bhatia and Mehreen Pirzada are the lead actress of the F3 fun and frustration Telugu movie.

  • Venkatesh – Venky
  • Varun Tej – Varun Yadav
  • Tamannaah Bhatia – Harika
  • Mehreen Pirzada – Honey
  • Pooja Hegde – Special Appearance
  • Raghu Babu – MLA Anji Reddy
  • Rajendra Prasad – Prasad
  • Vennela Kishore – John Strow
  • Pragathi
  • Sonal Chauhan
  • Sunil
  • Ali
  • Murli Sharma

F3 Movie Budget

The total budget of F3 Telugu movie is 70 Crore Rupees.

This movie is made with the big budget of 70 Crore Indian Rupees. But the movie not look like a big budget movie.

First Day Collection of F3 Movie

1st Day AP-TG Collection is Rs. 10.35 crores (Rs. 17 Crores – Gross)

Worldwide box office collection is Rs. 13.35 Crores (Rs. 23 Crores – Gross)

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