Fan repair – I Become Electrician

There was no ceiling fan in my room. I used to use a table fan. The speed of that table fan is more than the ceiling fan and it gives more air.

But the table fan make more noise than ceiling fan so I also got a ceiling fan installed in my room.

I use ceiling fan in day time and at night I use table fan. When the ceiling fan was in the room, I started using table fan less. It has been a long time since I have not used a table fan

One day the heat was feeling too much, so I thought that today I use the table fan. At night, at night I took out the fan and started it but it didn’t start yet, I tried many times to turn it on but it did not turn on. I put it on the side and fell asleep.

I become electrician

The next day in the morning I tried to turn it back on, but it did not work at all. I opened the cover of the motor to see if any wires were loose.

A couple of times even before the fan was not running, I had fixed it myself. Slowly I start to open the fan. I checked the all wires the wire were loose so I changed the loose wire and put the new one. At that time half of the fan was opened.

I turned it on but it didn’t. I opened the motor a little more, but little by little the whole fan was opened. The wire inside the motor was defective and I could not understand how to fix it. So I left it open in the room. For a few days the fan stayed like this.

Done short circuit in fan

I watched the videos on YouTube to fix it. I needed some things, so I went to get them in the market. I did not get all the things but some things were found out of it.

 Whatever I found, I used them by watching videos on YouTube. I assembled the open parts of motor and try to on the fan did not work but short circuit was done in it.

I had come to know that it is not up to me to fix it now. I added the parts of the motor and put it on the side.

I told my mother that the short circuit has been done in the fan and now it has completely deteriorated.

Only one way left

Now I had only one way left to give it in the shop to the expert.

Dad too was about to leave and if the fan is not fixed, I am sure to be scolded.

The fan remained like this for a long time.

Then one day I got ready and gave it to the shop. I told the shopkeeper that whatever problem there is and whatever cost will be incurred, call me and tell me.

I came with a fan in the morning and in the evening, the shopkeeper got a call that there was a problem in its motor and it would take around 450 rupees.

I told him to fix the fan. I only took the motor to fix it in the shop. After 2 days in the afternoon, the shopkeeper got a call that the fan has been fixed. Come take the rest of the parts and we will fit them in the fan.

In the evening I took the rest of the parts and went to the shop.

They took me those parts and fitted them in the fan and made the fan as before. I came home with a fan. The fan was working perfectly.

Now I was saved from scolding my father.

When I got the fan fixed, my father came home on the second night.

It is good that I got the fan fixed on time, if I delayed for two more days, I was sure to get scolded.

 Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you had like it.

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