Friends- My Thoughts

Today I am going to tell you about my thought. It will not about one particular thing, it is about lots of thoughts that occur in my mind and I am going to share them with you. I hope you will also relate with it.


Our childhood friends who are now with us, we have very strong bond with them. Many times we fight with them when we were kids, in our childhood we don’t have sense of what is wrong or right.

We play with them whole day sometimes we fight and next moment we were again playing together and forgot about the fight which was happened sometime earlier.

But know if we had fight with our friends, it will take lots of time to make that bond again and sometime the fight is so big that will end our friendship.

In our childhood we had lots of fights with our friends but that fights never ends our friendship with them, now we had a small fight we don’t talk to them for couples of days.

Childhood friends…

We don’t need to call them regularly to tell them that we are friends. Weather we don’t talk to them from long time, If we call them after a couple of months and had a good conversation it feels like we met them yesterday.

School friends…

We met new people in school time and make many friends, whole class is our friends but some are special for us with whom before prayer and in lunch time we stand in group eat each bite of our lunch box with them and after our school is over we move out together with them.

You find your friend is a rascal when he flirt with your girlfriend behind you and friend is loyal you find when he show you answer sheet when he was standing near the teacher to submit his answer sheet.

                  Well who said this well said…

                           Every friend is a RASCAL

Friends are rascal but become an important part of our life. Single day if they not come to school whole day become boring and whole class feels empty without them.


We meet lots of people in our life. When they were with us we share good bond with them, but they also have their expiry date in our life.  After sometime they disappear from our life like they were never met us. After they leave us we only have memories. Very few people we met which last long for our life, they are very special for us and become an important part of our life.

                Those people who don’t have expiry date in our life are very close to us. We had to show them that how special they are for us and sometime we try to give surprise to feel them happy.

Thank you 

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