Fun in School – Meerut

Hello my lovely friends.

I had studied in Meerut from 3rd class to 6th class and during this time there were many funny stories which I am going to tell you.

Hope you will enjoy it…

#1 Pen refill in my head

Once we were sitting in class and the period was changed, then the teacher was not in the class. All the children of the class were having fun.

At that time, I was sitting on the front seat in class, and a friend of mine (Rohit) was sitting after leaving 2 -3 seats from me.

At that time, when we used to use gel pens, the refill of his pen was over.

He threw the refill towards me and the refill went into the head and stood straight, seeing that all the children started laughing. I put my hand in my head and the refill came out of my head and I also started laughing.

#2 Fight- Busted the bag

Once my school holiday, my friend and I (Rohit * who had hit refill in my head) were going home, at that time we were still small.

We kept on talking like this and we had an argument over something and we started to push a bit.

The fight escalated a bit, my friend grabbed my bag and pulled it to his side and that bag was of so much useless quality that he got divided into two parts.

Seeing him, my friend and I started laughing loudly after forgetting the fight…

          #3 Badminton Match

There were a lot of different sports in our school, so I participated in it. We played many games.

Then came the turn of badminton, at that time I did not know how to play badminton, yet I had participated in it.

I had a match with my friend Aditya, now I did not know he could not even play. In the first service, we both played a little bit, and I took a point. Then his service came, there was a 3 point game and I got 1 point out of it.

He served and the shuttle cock fell in his own court and I got 2 point.

He got service again and he missed it and I got that point too and I won that match.

After that I also got a certificate.

I used to play bad, my friend used to play worse than me, due to which I won…

#4 Compass in Backyard

In class, children continue to find new ways to harass each other.

One such time we were sitting in class and the period was changed and the teacher of the next subject came to the class.

So all the students stood up to wish good morning to the teacher so what happened that when my friend (Chandan) was about to sit, one put the compass under him, he did not know that and he sat in it.

When that compass entered his backyard, he shouted loudly and jumped.

Where the compass had penetrated, blood started coming out of it and a little blood was also seen in his pants.

Then the teacher rebuked him who had penetrated the compass and ordered Dettol and Cotton for Chandan and sent him to the bathroom to apply Dettol.

At that time, all the students were laughing loudly…

Thank you for reading my blog.

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