Heels To Heaven: 6 Fantastic Benefits And How To Do

Heels to Heaven is an excellent exercise for which you will not need any equipment; what is needed for doing it is your body and its strength.

If you do the Heels to Heaven exercise in front of a person who does not know much about exercise, then he will ask you what you are doing and why you have raised your legs upwards?

A heel to Heaven is an ab workout to make a strong core and increase endurance. At the beginning of the Heels to the heaven workout, you may have difficulty holding the position of this exercise.

 Pain may also be felt in the abdominal area. Because in the initial moments, your body takes time to get used to this exercise. As you keep doing this exercise, it will start looking effortless.

How to do the Heels to Heaven exercise?

Lie on the ground on your back. Keep your legs and hands straight on the ground.

Raise your legs upward without bending your knees and get them perpendicular to the ground.

Keep your hands on the side, palms down for support.

This is your initial position where you have to start doing a heels-to-heaven workout.

Don’t let your legs move in the backward and forward directions; try to keep them stable. Take the help of your hands to stabilize your legs.

Slowly raise your hips, pause and then slowly lower your hips. Make your abdominal muscles tight.

Repeat the movement.

YouTube video of Heels to Heaven Exercise: ZenithAthletics

Benefits of Heels to the heavens exercise

Heels to heaven workout is not just an ab workout; there are many other benefits it gives to the body, like strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong core.

Some more benefits are explained in detail below.

Heels to Heaven exercise Increase Endurance

Endurance is the ability of our body that helps us to do any work for a long time. It prevents us from getting tired quickly and gives us the strength to bear any pain.

If you sit in front of your pc for a long time, you may get the problem of back pain, and it has happened many times. A strong back can prevent the problem of back pain.

You can make a strong back by doing heels to Heaven ab exercise daily; it will also give you the strength to sit on a chair for a long time. So, there will be no hindrance in your work due to back pain or low strength.

heels to heaven exercise
Heels to Heaven Exercise

Heels to Heaven exercise Increase Flexibility     

Flexibility is the joints’ ability to move freely without pain or stress on muscles and joints.

Not everyone has the same flexibility; it varies from person to person. But we can increase the flexibility of our joints by heels to the heavens exercise. The flexibility of our lower back and hip joints increases when we move our legs up and down.

Heels to Heaven exercise Increase Stability

Stability is the ability to balance our bodies. Suppose we are walking on a narrow bridge, in which there is only one place to keep one leg. To crossover the bridge, our body needs to be stable; otherwise, we can fall too. This is where the ability to stabilize our body comes in handy.

When we do the Heels to heaven abs workout, we must keep our feet as stable as possible. When we repeatedly raise and lower our legs, during this time, our balance also deteriorates, but we try to keep them in balance again. By doing this, again and again, the capacity of our balance increases.

heels to heaven exercise
Heels to Heaven Exercise

Heels to Heaven exercise Increase Strength

Strength is a quality of anything, its living being or non-living being, that determines how much it is physically strong.

Heels to heaven workout help in increasing our strength. The movement of the legs and hips requires lots of strength, and repeating the same movement increase strength in our muscles.

No Need for Equipment to do the Heels to the Heaven exercise

When we go to the gym, we need dumbbells, barbells and other workout machines to the workout. To do those training, we need to do gym and for which, the separate time has to be taken. If the gym is away from home, it takes a lot of time to come and go.

But it is also a matter of fact that the kind of quality workout you can do in the gym, it is impossible to do it at home. But you do not want to go to the gym and do some exercise at home. There is no use of any equipment, and it can work on your strength, endurance, flexibility, and abs.

Heels to heaven workout will be good; no need for any equipment to do it, and it gives lots of benefits to the body.

To do the Heels to the Heavens exercise, you don’t have to go to the gym, do it at home and save your gym time.

Helpful in Weight loss

If you want to lose weight, add the Heels to heaven exercise to your workout list. Heels to the Heaven exercise target the lower abdomen area and helps burn fat in that area.

heels to heaven exercise
Heels to Heaven Exercise

Alternative of Heels to Heaven Exercise

Alternative of Heels to the heaven ab exercise, if you feel it is easy for you. You can try Russian Twist exercise, it is also an amazing exercise for abs.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a fantastic exercise for the abs workout. It is not so simple and easy but very beneficial for the core. This exercise makes your oblique flexible and robust.

It also strengthens the back in the best way so that the back pain problem will not come again and again.

It is an excellent alternative to the Heels to Heaven exercise.

If you have a medicine ball, you can use it in your Russian twist exercise.

Hold a medicine ball in your hands, and the rest of the procedure is the same.

A Medicine ball will increase the intensity of the workout, and you feel more pressure on your muscles.

How to do:

Sit on the floor.

Lean back a bit. Bent your knees and raise your legs. Leaning back will help you in balancing your body.

The upper body and the middle of the legs will become like a V-shape.

Keep your legs stationary in the air and move your upper body slowly in the left and right direction.

The whole weight of your body should be on your hips.

Wrap Up – Heels to Heaven Exercise

A heel to Heaven is a fantastic exercise; equipment is not needed to do the Heel to heaven exercise. You can do it anywhere at your home, gym or park. It requires little space.

Do daily workout to get its benefits, or you can make a routine of workout it will help you to enjoy the benefits of Heels to the Heaven exercise.

Follow all the instructions while doing heels to Heavens workout and do it carefully.

Q.1 Does abs workout affect height?

NO. Abs workout will not affect your height. Daily workout help you in improving overall body structure, strength and flexibility. Do workout without any doubt in your mind.

Q.2 How many inches can gluts grow?

There is no specific measurement of how many inches can gluts grow. It totally depends on your diet, workout and genes also.

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