Hidden things which are harming our body

There are lots of bad things which were added in or habit and harming our health. But we never take them seriously due to a lack of proper knowledge. Proper knowledge about what are the habits which are dangerous for us, so we can stop them and lead towards a happy and healthy life.

Here are some common bad things which we are doing regularly and putting our health in danger.

Too much social media

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Too much social media can also be harmful to your health.  More and more studies are showing that the more time people spend on social media sites, the unhappier they are.   

People are going to show you only the highlights of their lives, they aren’t going to show you how sloppy their home is, or post that their spouse didn’t come home the other night, or that they just failed a certification test they just took. 

People are showing that how good their life is and by seeing their perfect life you feel sad for yours which is wrong. Everyone has their problems in their life but they were not showing it to you they were just showing you their fantasy world.

So, make sure you minimize the use of social media and maximize the time you spend in the real world.


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Overeating is without question one of the worst things for health, mainly because it leads to weight gain.  More weight makes your body work harder to survive, it causes extra stress on bones and joints can lead to diseases and in many people can lead to self-confidence issues and ultimately being sad about life.

 When you are eating, be conscious of when you are actually full and don’t keep eating just for the mental stimulation and you can carry around some healthier snacks like nuts or seeds to help avoid food cravings or temptations we all face every day.

First off, overeating unhealthy food like sugary desserts and fast foods can give you an initial rush of energy. But the crash afterward can leave you feeling fatigued, bloated, and sluggish.

  When you intake a high amount of fat, high-calorie foods you increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It may not always be easy to make the most nutritious food choices, but in the long run, your body will appreciate you for it.

Improper Sleep


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As we know improper sleep makes us irritable and lazy, we feel a lack of energy in our body and can’t able to perform any task properly.  As we regularly use this improper sleeping pattern it becomes our habit which is not good for our healthy, improper sleep can affect our memory power, our appearance, and mental health.

It makes our body lose and lazy which slows down our working power and reaction time just like a drunk man. It is dangerous for our life as well because improper sleep leads us to accidents also. 

Improper sleep can disturb our alertness, concentration, attention because our mind won’t get enough energy to function properly and our brain will not work with its full potential.

Long use of Phone

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As you use your phone at night for watching Netflix series, playing games, or scrolling in social media, which will consume almost 2-3 hours or more and continued use of the phone for a long time is not good for your eyes.

The longer you stay in front of your mobile screen, the more you feel difficulty in sleeping. Our body releases Melatonin element which is responsible for our sleep, but the blue rays of the phone will reduce the amount of Melatonin level, which leads to sleepiness.

You have to do is minimize the use of your phone, take a break, turn on eye comfort mode in your phone. Instead of using a phone take a book and fill some knowledge in your mind or listen to some good music.

Excessive alcohol drinking


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Everyone knows one or two drinks won’t hurt you, but binge drinking is another story. This goes for wine drinking too. While red wine can be beneficial for your heart, long-term drinking can negatively impact your health overall.

 It can affect your brain and how it works by interfering with your brain’s communication pathways, which makes it difficult for you to think clearly. Heavy drinking can take a toll on your liver that can lead to cirrhosis, fibrosis, and alcoholic hepatitis.

 Your heart can stretch and start to droop resulting in high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and even a stroke. Prolonged drinking over time can weaken your immune system, which slows down your body

Now you know

Now you have enough knowledge about what are the bad habits you are carrying with you and what are their harmful effects. So live a healthy life and destroy all the bad habits in you.

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