How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking?

Smoking is not good for you in long run. It will damage your internal parts which in the future create big health issues for you. It is better to quit such an addiction and head towards a healthy life.

Benefits of quitting smoking

  • As you stop smoking, the supply of tar and nicotine will discontinue and your lungs will no longer damage by these harmful substances. Your immune system works more efficiently and your chances of not getting sick will increase.
  • Quitting smoking allow your lungs to capture more oxygen and supply a sufficient amount of oxygen to your blood, and it will help your muscles to become healthier and stronger.
  • The cycle of addiction will break after you quit smoking, the craving for nicotine will come to the normal level, slowly your addiction to smoking disappears.
  • You stop damaging your lungs. Smoking occurs short of breathing problem, after you stop smoking short of breath problem will be less. You feel less short of breath while running or walking up on stairs.
  •  It lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Smoking is one of the causes of heart attacks and heart disease. By quitting smoking you are lowering your chances of heart attack and heart diseases.

 What happens when you quit smoking?

As we all know that smoking is how much harm to our health. It causes many health problems to our bodies. If you quit smoking you are simply preventing your body from the harmful effects of it.

You are also quitting your addiction, which is a very good thing for your mental as well as for physical health.

How to stop smoking?/Best ways to quit smoking

Here you will get the best ways to quit smoking.

1. Reason

If you want to stop smoking, at first you have to that why you want to stop smoking. You have to find out the reason for stopping smoking.

A reason which will not demolish with the time, and keep you on the track of stopping the smoking.

2. Relax

One of the reasons people start smoking is to relax. Nicotine helps them to relax. Find other ways to get your mind and body relaxed. You can do Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, take a message instead of smoking. 

These methods will make you more relaxed than smoking do. Avoid situations that give stress to your mind.

3. Keep yourself busy

Don’t give any chance to your mind to think about smoking. Create new and healthy hobbies, start reading books, books will provide you lots of knowledge and divert your mind from smoking.

Go for walk, early morning walk will give you a fresh start to your day. Feel the freshness of the air and observe the surrounding. Make your mind more creative learn new things. 

4. Avoid smokers

If you have smokers in your friend’s circle of people with whom you spend most of your time, try to avoid their company.

If you keep in touch with them, you see them smoking or they will offer you and your mind will also urge you to smoke. So it’s better to avoid smokers.

5. Keep trying

It is not easy to leave your addiction. Your mind continuously reminds you to smoke. But you have to keep trying again and again.

Tell your family members, your friends about you are trying to stop smoking. They will keep you motivated and keep pushing you towards breaking your addiction.

If you fail to try again, many people try but after one or two try they left, but if you want to quit smoking whenever you fail you have to try again and again.

Keep yourself motivated, if you are losing hope remind yourself why to decide on quitting smoking.

No smoking sign

Smoking is dangerous for the health and if you smoke in public places the smoke will also affect the people around you.

No smoking sign means that smoking is not allowed in that particular area. If you smoke where the no-smoking sign is available as action can be taken against you. Avoid smoking in that area where you see the no-smoking sign.

Generally, you can see no-smoking signs in public transport, restaurants, and offices.

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