How to save money for travel in India in 2021

 Here are some effective ways though which you can plan your trips and you can save money for your future trips.

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How to save money for travel as teenager/students

  • ·         The total amount of money you get as pocket money, keep some part aside from it for your travel. Little by little, a lot of money will be collected with you.
  • ·         Lower your expenses, don’t buy unnecessary items. Buy only those things which are more important for you.

“Always think that the thing you are going to buy, you want it or you need it”.

  • ·         Reduce outgoings and parties, many students have habits of hanging out with friends on weekend and go to expensive restaurants to have dinner. Avoid these things and save this money for your travel.
  • ·         Instead of doing that you can go for a party and dinner in restaurants once a month, so you can save money as well as do enjoyment with your friends.
  • ·         If you have bad habits, you are spending lots of money on smoking, drinking, etc. stop your bad habits and save that money for traveling, which you spend on buying smoking and drinking items.
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How to save money while on vacation

  • ·         If you are going on a flight, buy tickets in advance. Compare the amount of ticket price with other airlines. Do online research, Compare, and chose the cheaper flight in advance to save money on flight tickets.
  • ·         Travel during the off-season so you can get cheaper hotel rooms, food, and traveling facilities. But this is not applied in every place there are many places which demand more money in the off-season. So you have to research and decide first where you want to travel.
  • ·         During traveling use more public transports, which are cheaper than other transports. Always carry a reusable water bottle so you do not have to buy a water bottle again and again. You can save money on packed water bottles.
  • ·         If you want to buy gifts as a souvenir of that place buy those things from local shops and try to avoid tourist areas, airports or resorts, which are more expensive than local shops.
  • ·         Instead of going to eat in restaurants cook your food, we all know that eating in restaurants is more expensive, To save money on food carry some utensils and cook your food.
  • ·         Choose travel to non-expensive destinations so you can travel on a low budget.

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How to plan a trip on a budget

  • Decide where you want to go for a trip. Do research how costly that place is, that place is in your budge of not. If your budget is not high you can search low budge destination.
  • ·         Emergency funds – Keep some money as an emergency fund. In case of stolen or lost wallet, you can use this emergency fund.  Some unexpected expenses came and to tackle them you have a backup for that as an emergency fund.
  • ·         Public transport – The destination where you decide to go, check out the routes, cabs, public transport available there. This will help you to not waste your time in finding cabs or routes.
  • ·         Make a list of hotels and restaurants and you can also search for local and cheap food restaurants for your convenience. You have a plane in which hotel you are going to stay and at which restaurant you are going to eat.
  • ·         Cooking items – To keep your trip within your budget or your expenses go out of your budget you can make your food and avoid expensive restaurants.
  • ·         If you are going to buy some items as a souvenir of that place. Make a separate list of that how many of them you are going to buy and keep a separate amount of money to spend on them.
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Now you are ready to travel and you had saved money for your trip. If you want to know that which place in India is best for your trip, you can read my other blogs in which I have explained about some beautiful places for travel.

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