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Inception is an excellent movie released in 2010. This film was well-liked by the people, and the Inception movie in Hindi also made a record in earnings. Inception was an action and science fiction film. It was unlike any ordinary movie in which everything is kept in front.

To understand this film, you will have to run the horses of your mind and may even have to watch it 2-3 times.

Inception movie with English subtitles is 2 hours 28 minutes long. You are not going to get bored with the whole Inception movie in Hindi film, and your mind will always go on trying to understand it.

Inception is directed by the Famous and most talented director Christopher Nolan. He directed many mind-blowing movies like Tenet, Interstellar, Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, etc.

The meaning of Inception in this movie is “Starting a new idea in someone’s mind.”

Release date of Inception Hindi dubbed movie

Inception movie in Hindi dubbed is released on 16 July 2010. Inception movie in Hindi is one of the biggest hits of the year 2010. People liked the Inception movie very much, and it got a fantastic response from the audience and the critics.

Cast of Inception full movie in Hindi

Everyone knows that Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor. He is in the lead role of the Inception full movie.

Budget and worldwide earning of Inception in Hindi

The total budget for Inception movie in Hindi dubbed is $160 Million. According to the article on Wikipedia, the total earnings of Inception movie 1080p grossed over $828 Million worldwide, becoming the 4th highest grossing film of the year 2010.

Story of Inception movie

The lead character of the Inception movie is a man named Cobb. Cobb is a genius, and he has a knack for taking any person into a dream world and uncovering secrets he does not share with anyone.

But this quality of Cobb creates trouble for him when he uses it for robbery. They take contracts from powerful people, then give out the secrets of another influential person and earn a lot of money in return.

Because of this, the police start to catch him, and he has to leave the country. He is taken away from his children and family.

The entry of an enormous businessman named Saito into his life puts a deal in front of him. If Cobb completes this deal, Saito will get the police warrant issued against him canceled, and all charges levied on him will also be removed. After that, Cobb can live his life like any normal human being.

Now you understand what this deal is. Cobb is an expert in playing anyone’s mind, but he does not have to get any secret out of anyone’s mind this time. Instead, a new idea must be put in another person’s mind.

This Inception has been created so that the thinking of that person can be changed entirely in real life. The name of the man whose thought is to be changed is Robert. It is a businessman, and its father is the owner of a massive energy company. But his condition has worsened now, due to which all the power will come into Robert’s hands.

Saito is his biggest competitor, so he wants to wreck Robert’s company. That’s why Saito intends to put a new idea in Robert’s mind with the help of Cobb that he should start a new company of his own by selling his energy company.

Cobb wants to return to his family; the only way out of this is to accept Saito’s deal and create Inception in Robert’s mind.

Cobb prepares a unique team of his who will help him complete this mission. After the team is ready, Cobb and Saito make a plan, and Robert is placed in a plane where Cobb’s team and Robert sit.

After this, a chemical is mixed very cleverly in Robert’s water, due to which he becomes unconscious, and his mission of Cobb begins.

Cobb and his entire team break into Robert’s dream and begins to instill in his mind the idea that he should leave his father’s company and make his own identity.

The biggest mess in the dream happens when Robert’s security guards attack Cobb’s team, and Saito gets shot in it. Now comes the film’s biggest twist; the unique thing about the new chemical solution that Yusuf had prepared was that it prolongs the dream.

One hour in our world equals one week in the world of dreams. And the dream inside is equal to a month, and the third dream inside is equal to 10 years. Therefore, if Saito dies in this dream, he will be trapped in the new world called Limbo.

Saito is shot and dies in a dream, and goes into Limbo. Now, if Saito does not return, what will happen to his deal with Cobb, then the contract will be broken, and Cobb will never be able to go to his family. So Cobb himself goes into Limbo to bring Saito back.

In the film’s climax, we are shown that Cobb returns to the real world with Saito. Saito completes his deal and gets all the charges removed from Cobb. So that he comes back to his family.

Ending of Inception Hindi dubbed movie explained

Seeing his kids, Cobb pulls the totem out of his pocket and makes the totem spin on the table. The unique thing about this totem is that it never stops if you spin it once.

We see in the film that Cobb spins the totem, but he does not stop to see if the totem will stop and goes to meet his children. At the film’s end, we are shown that the totem slowly starts to falter.

This movie explains the concept of the totem from the very beginning and puts it in our minds. The spinning top we have been shown throughout the film was not the totem of the Cobb but the totem of Mal.

Cobb’s actual real totem was his wedding ring. Because in the entire Inception movie, whenever Cobb is in the dream, he is wearing a wedding ring.

But in reality, he is not wearing a wedding ring. Even in the last scene of the Inception movie, Cobb is not wearing a wedding ring, and the same thing tells that the final stage is not a dream but a reality.

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