Today I am going to tell you some important and interesting things said of my Grandfather.

It was my 12th I used to go to Mathematic coaching at that time with my friend Vikas. At that time, I and Vikas were the students of the 12th class, the students of different classes used to come.

Due to the lack of children, we used to have a Combine class, so at that time I used to leave a lot of coaching, whenever the development did not come, I also did not go to coaching.

Once my grandfather came from the village and I did not go coaching that day because Vikas was also on leave that day.

My Grandfather asked me why I did not go to coaching, so I said that my friend is not there, so I did not go either.

My Grandfather then explained to me whether you are studying for yourself or for a friend and explained to me in a very good way.

After that day, I used to go to regular coaching it was very rare that I used to take leave.

In between, Vikas had given up coaching, he only came for coaching for a day or two in the week, but I still used to go for regular coaching.


My grandmother told me this thing.

My father is the elder son of Grandfather, when my father was younger, once my neighbor’s aunt would have some work with my father, she came home and started calling my father by his name (For AG: – Balkar Dada), Grandfather, and the rest were on the same place. So Grandfather scolded aunt very much that she is calling him by his name.

After that, she never called my father by his name.

My grandfather did not like that someone older than himself should call his name.

Nowadays children call their elders by their names.

My cousin sister and brother do not call me by my name, it is only my sister who calls me by calling me Arun Bha.


My Grandfather taught his three children, at that time, very few children used to go to study here, and the job of all three was also started.

When it came time for me to go to school, Grandfather said that I will teach it in English medium school.

While my grandmother said that all three of my children studied in the primary school in the village, it will also study in this.

But Grandfather did not listen to them and to read me in English medium school.


I used to bother everyone in my childhood and I was the first child of the house, then everyone loved me a lot.

Once I went to the market with my grandfather While walking around the market, I liked the bat and ball, so I asked my Grandfather to buy me that bat and ball. Grandfather refused me because the money was exhausted in buying goods.

Now when my grandfather refuses me, I started crying on the same and started harassing Grandfather very much.

Somehow Grandfather brought me from there and stopped at a shop outside my school.

The shopkeeper knew Grandfather, so he asked why I was crying. So grandfather said that he is crying to buy a bat and ball. The shopkeeper brought me candy and a sticker of bat ball and put it on my hand. I stopped crying after seeing that sticker.

After going home, Grandfather told that I came weeping the whole way to buy a bat and ball.

Then next day Grandfather took money from Mummy and brought that bat and ball to me.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you had enjoyed it.

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