What We Got Wrong About Mai Web Series Netflix Review

Review: When we talk about the Mai web series Netflix review, the first thing that comes to mind is that the web series is a very slow and long, and the thrill is missing from the web series. You get bored and irritating due to its slowness.

Many scenes in the whole series look unreal and ruin the taste. There is only one thing in the entire series that can compel you to watch it in its entirety, and that is who the murderer of Sheel’s daughter is.

The acting of Sakshi Tanwar is lovely. You cannot say she is going out of character in any scene, and the emotion, anger, and fear are all shown in her acting.

Overall if you like the slow phase series and have enough time to complete this web series, you will like it. But if you want a thrilling and fast phase web series, you will definitely get bored watching this Netflix Mai web series.

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Mai Web Series Cast

The best actors have been taken in the May web series. The entire cast has played their role brilliantly. Sakshi Tanwar is seen in the lead role; her character’s name is Sheel Chaudhary.

Sakshi Tanwar’s acting in the lead role has made this Netflix web series even more vital.

Name of actors and their Character names:

Sakshi Tanwar – Sheel Chaudhary

Vivek Mushran – Yash Chaudhary

Wamiqa Gabbi – Supriya Chaudhary

Raima Sen – Neelam

Anant Vidhaat Sharma – Prashant

Vaibhav Raj Gupta – Shankar

Seema Bhargava – Kalpana

Prashant Narayanan – Jawahar Vyas

Mai Web Series Trailer

At the beginning of the trailer of the Mai 2022 web series, it is shown that the young daughter of a mother (Sheel Chaudhary) dies in a truck accident in front of her eyes. But before the accident, the girl looks a bit upset.

The girl’s brother and father tell her mother she was not well for a few days.

It is further shown that Sheel doubts that his daughter had an accident or was a murderer; to confirm, she also goes to the doctors, police, and court.

In between, some more incidents are shown, from which Sheel is confirmed that his daughter has been murdered, and then he starts looking for her killers.

Money, prominent people, and the involvement of gangsters have also been shown in the Mai web series on Netflix.

Mai Web Series Netflix Trailer Released on: Netflix India

Mai Web Series IMDb Rating

Mai 2022 web series on Netflix is getting a mixed reaction from the audience. Some say it is too long, and people feel bored between the series. People also liked it so much, with a good rating of 7.3/10 IMDb. Approx 4.5 thousand people rate this web series.

On the website Times of India critic’s rating, it got 3.5/5 which is also a good rating.

Mai Web Series Release Date on Netflix

Mai – A Mother’s Rage web series is released on the OTT Platform Netflix. The release date of the Mai web series is 15 April 2022.

You can watch this crime-drama web series on Netflix. To watch the Mai web series, you must take a subscription to Netflix and pay the subscription charge.

Mai Web Series Total Episodes

Mai web series Netflix India is a lengthy series to watch. It’s all episodes; you have to sit in front of your T.V. or mobile screen for around 4 hrs.

There are total six episodes in the Mai web series on Netflix India. Every single episode of Mai 2022 web series on Netflix is approx. 40-50min long.

Mai Web Series Episode List:

Episode 1

In the first episode, Sheel’s daughter died in an accident. But Sheel found some suspicious in her daughter’s death and began to find the truth in her daughter’s death.

Episode 2

Sheel accidentally killed a big name, and things started getting worse.

Episode 3

Sheel starts the hunt for the crypto key.

Episode 4

Sheel faced a family problem but did not get stopped by that.

Episode 5

You will see the return of a criminal coming to take revenge on his brother.

Episode 6

In the last episode, you get to know who the natural killer of Sheel’s daughter is.

Mai Web Series Story

Mai web series is a crime, thriller, and drama web series. In this Indian web series, you watch a mother searching for the truth behind her daughter’s death.

Further, some big names get involved in this death mystery. The mother learned that her daughter was murdered, and she searched for the name of the person who killed her daughter.

  In between mother kills all the persons involved in the murder of her daughter, and last she gets to know who the real killer of her daughter is.

FAQ: Related to Mai Web Series Netflix Review

Most frequent questions related to Mai web series Netflix review are answered here. Answers of these question will help you to understand the Mai web series more clearly.

Will the second part of the Mai web series also come?

Mai web series has ended at such a point that it will not be difficult to guess that the second part of the Mai web series will also come.

The second part of the Mai web series will also be released on Netflix.

What is good in Mai Web Series Netflix Review?

When we talk about the good things in the Mai web series, we should appreciate the fantastic acting of Sakshi Tanwar in the role of Sheel Chaudhary. The whole focus of the web series is on Sheel Chaudhary, we can say which is good and bad also.

Supporting characters are chosen wisely, and their acting is impressive. 

What is bad in Mai Web Series Netflix Review?

Mai is a slow phase and long web series. The single episode of the Mai web series is longer than 30 minutes, which makes the audience bored. Some scenes in the web series are so dark that it makes it difficult for the audience to identify what is happening there.

The Character development in the web series is poor, and the ending of the series does not justify itself.

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