My Accident in Diwali fair

Today I am going to tell you the incident of when I took my new bicycle and I took it to the fair.

Every year when Diwali comes, we have a fair. This fair starts from the day of Diwali and lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

I used to go to my maternal grandparents’ house in the fair, my grandparents used to call us every year to see the fair. Like every time, this time too, he called us to see the fair. At that time my father was also on leave.

 We celebrated Diwali in our village and then went to Maternal Grandmother house. I was in my bicycle and Mommy Dad in a bicycle. We stayed one day at Maternal Grandmother house and were ready to go to the fair the next day. Uncle and aunt were also going to the fair with us.

We were going to village directly after seeing the fair, do not go back to the grandmother’s house, then we met everyone and left for the fair.

On the way to fair

In the way or fair there was a lake so we decide to leave the main road and go by the road near the lake, which was the dirt road. There was a slope between the roads, everybody climbed their bicycle from the slope, I also try to climb the slope on my bicycle but that was not possible for me, because that was too big for me. I landed down from my bicycle and cross the slope on foot.

Reached Fair

From where the fair was started, we parked the bicycle at the nearby house and then went to see the fair on foot. I was swinging in the swing, others were shopped in the fair, there were lots of swings shops with different items, food shops, toys shops, etc.

It was evening wandering in the fair.

How I Fall From My Bicycle

We took our bicycle and started coming home, where the fair was far away from our house. It got dark on the way. Nothing could be seen when a carriage arrived from the front. The light of the car used to fall straight in the eyes. I was also quite tired why I had taken a bicycle while going and tired of walking in the fair all day had become even more tired.

Once, the light of the car fell in my eyes from the front and I did not see a pit in the road. And because of my bicycle going into the pit, my balance got disturbed and I fell. I did not get hurt much because it was night we were cycling slowly. I was not able to ride a bicycle due to darkness. So uncle and aunt started saying that darkness is enough and it is too far to go, so leave tomorrow and stop here today.

One, I had fallen and the darkness had become too much, so the mother also started saying that we stop today and will go tomorrow.

We stayed that night there and come home next morning..

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you had enjoyed it.

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