My New Shoes- Show off

Hello my lovely friends.

    Today I am going to tell you about my life incident, when I was lived in Meerut camp, at that time I was studying in 5th or 6th class. In school all boys wear simple shoes which are used in school.

Friend’s new shoes

My friend Chandan bought new leather shoes for him. They were different from normal school shoes and they were high ankle shoes, I was very impressed by those shoes and I also wanted them.

Got new shoes

I told my parents to buy those shoes. After someday they bought me same shoes and I was very happy.

In evening I go to park and play with my friends. So in evening I get ready to go to play with my friends but something is special for me that day.

I wear my new school shoes and I was very happy and proud because that time those shoes were new in market and my friends don’t have them.

Show Off

I go to park and sit on the top of a Swing, usually I just go and start playing with my friends but that day I just go and sit on the swing, I was feeling very proud that time. My friends were playing cricket and I was just sitting and watching them, because I don’t want to ruin my new shoes.

Show off in school

Next day I go to my school I was very excited to show my new shoes to my friends. At school my friends notice my new shoes, they were asking me the price of the shoes and from which shop I got them.

My friends also bought those type of shoes for them, those shoes were actually looking very nice.

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