Opening my Bank account

It’s the time when my father came home from his job. He ask me to open my bank account at that time, I don’t have any account. So he bring account opening form from bank and told me to fill that form. I fill all the details of the form.

Next day we go for the form submission at it was drizzling outside. I put my document in my bag and we went to the bank. My father ask the banker for my account opening procedure.

 Pan card is required

The banker ask my age I was 19 that time I show him the account opening form he told me that form is not needed for the 18 above age. Only aadhaar card and pan card is required, I don’t made my pan card that time.

We go to the shop for making my pan card, I don’t have any idea about the procedure of pan card making. We go to many shops  but all were saying that it will take minimum one weak for the pan card.

Made my Pan card

Finally we go on one shop and ask him to make my pan card he was a old man, he take my aadhaar card and photo and start filling the form, he take lots of time to fill one form. I was watching him he was very slow at typing and even take lots of time in reading the form.

It’s been a while, we were sitting there. My father asked that if he is unable to fill the form, then we are going. He also say that he was unable, so we came out from their and go to another near shop.

In next shop I make my pan card and come back to my home.

A few days later my father’s vacation was over and he went back to duty.

A week later, I received a call from the courier office that my PAN card had reached there that I should take it within 2-3 days or else it will be returned. The next day I went to the courier office and got my PAN card from there.

Account Opening

 Now I had my PAN card and I could open my bank account. The next day I went to the bank in the morning to open my bank account. I was the first one in the queue. The internet was very slow that day, it was taking too long to open my account.

After a long time my account was opened and now I had to deposit some money in it. There was another counter to deposit money, and there was a long queue in it.

I told the employee sitting in the counter that I have a new account and I have to deposit money and he asked me to come through the queue. I was standing in the morning only to open the account and now I had to stand in the queue again. I decided to come later and went home.                                                                                                                                                                                      Then in the evening I went to the bank and got the money deposited. At that time there was no long queue.

Got my A.T.M Card

After one week my A.T.M card reached my post office and I collect it from there.

I was very happy after getting my A.T.M card, because now I could do online shopping with my card, otherwise I had to tell my friend to do all this. My friend was also very good who never used to refuse me, used to help me every time.

After that I do many online shopping and my payments.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you had like it. 

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