Roohi Full Movie 2021: Review

Roohi full movie 2021 review: Roohi is a comedy horror film. But in the name of horror and comedy, you will see worn-out jokes and a beautiful witch in the Roohi movie. There are some scenes in this film that you will definitely be scared of.

Rajkummar Rao, who is one of the best actors in Bollywood, his magic of acting also did not work in this film. There was nothing new in Varun’s character; we have seen this character in some movies before, like Fukrey and Fukrey: Returns.

Janhvi Kapoor’s acting also needs a lot of improvement.

There was a mixed reaction to the Roohi full movie 2021; some people liked it, and some did not.

You may like this film only in one aspect that you only want entertainment, and you ignore the acting and the story of the film.

Some songs in the movie were hit; people like Panghat, Kiston, and Nadiyon Paar liked those songs a lot.

Roohi hd movie is 2 hours 14 minutes long. But I don’t think you should spend 2 hours of your life on this film.

Roohi Full Movie 2021
Roohi Full Movie 2021

Roohi Movie Release Date

Roohi movie was released on 11 March 2021. First, it was released in June 2020, but then a pandemic came in India, and the movie’s release was postponed.

Roohi movie was released in theatres on 11 March 2021. But people did not like the film much, or if it is said, they did not like it.

IMDb rating of Roohi movie is not so good. It only gets a 4.3/10 IMDb rating.

Cast of Roohi full movie 2021

Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma are the male lead of the movie. Janhvi Kapoor is the female lead in the movie. Roohi movie is directed by Hardik Mehta.

Budget and Earning of Roohi Full movie 2021

The total budget of Roohi movie was 20 crores INR. On the first day of its opening, the Roohi movie earns 3.06 crores INR. But later on the second day, the graph of its earnings graph declined, and it managed to earn 2.25 crores INR.

The total earnings of the first week of the movie were 12.58 crores INR.

Roohi’s film grossed 27.68 crores INR in India, and the worldwide collection of the movie was 30.33 crore INR.

Roohi Full Movie 2021
Roohi Full Movie 2021

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Roohi Full Movie Story

There are two friends, Bhawara and Kattani. Both of them work for Guniya Shakeel. If a boy likes a girl, then by kidnapping the girl, the girl gets married to the boy.

The girl’s kidnapping is done by Bhawara and Kattani at the behest of their boss Guniya Shakeel.

At the behest of Guniya Shakeel, they both kidnap Roohi. After Roohi is kidnapped, her boss tells her that the marriage has been canceled and they will have to hold Roohi with them for a few days.

After living with Roohi for a few days, they both come to know that a witch is inside Roohi named Afza. Afza is a Muddiya Pairi witch. Afza’s legs are inverted. The witch inside Roohi has only one purpose getting married.

Roohi Full Movie 2021
Roohi Full Movie 2021

Bhawara takes Roohi to many tantriks to save her from that witch, but no one can cure Roohi. Then they meet an old lady who tells them that if that witch gets married to a man, she will leave Roohi and go away.

There is a village named Chawatni Pur where the ghosts are driven away. Bhawara goes to the same village as Roohi and Kattani. But Guniya reaches there and takes Roohi with him to get married.

Bhawara and Kattani also reach the wedding venue, and Afza injures Guniya and sits with Kattani to get married.

But that old lady also lies that Kattani is already married. Afza then goes to marry Bhawara, but Roohi stops her.

In the last, Roohi marries herself and goes with Afza.

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