Special 10 Minute Ab Workout for Men and Women

If you are searching for the best 10 Minute Ab workouts, you don’t have enough time for your workout session or want it as a small part of your healthy workout.

These ab workouts are for both men and women. 10 minute ab workout will help you lose excess fat from your tummy area and give you a flat tummy.

If you are doing a 10 minute Ab workout, it doesn’t mean that these exercises are not beneficial. But we cannot deny the truth that when we do any work for a long time, the impact of those works is more.

For beginners, it will be a painful experience to do 10 minute ab workout.

Ab workout is such a type of workout in which you can feel pain in your abdominal muscles in the starting phase of your training. But to get the benefits of Ab workouts, you must bear this pain.

The pain will be only in the initial phase; as long as your muscles get familiar with the exercise, the pain will disappear.

10 minute Ab workouts are easy to perform, but it is very important to do them with proper form; otherwise, they can damage our muscles.

Specialties of These 10 Minute Ab workout

  • Performing these daily ab workouts means no need for any equipment.
  • You can do this 10-minute workout anywhere, at your home, gym or any other place.
  • No trainer is needed to do these exercises; you can do them independently with some knowledge.
  • Effectively work on the abdominal muscle.
  • It improves strength and endurance.


When we think about the best ab workout, the first name that comes to our mind is crunches. These are the most typical and most effective ab workout. You can do crunches wherever you want; you don’t need any equipment to do this exercise.

When we do crunches, it directly targets our abdominal muscles. The benefits are more than any other ab workouts at home or the gym.

An article by the National Library of Medicine states that a small amount of crunches training is sufficient to increase the endurance of abdominal muscles.

Crunches for 10 minute ab workout at home will be sufficient to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles, but make a proper routine for better results.

10 minute ab workout crunches

How to do crunches 10 minute ab workout?

  • Lie down on your back. Keep your body straight.
  • Bend your knees and keep your arms behind your neck.
  • You are now in the crunches position.
  • Move your upper body towards your legs without moving your lower body, and then return to your initial position.
  •  This is the one rep of crunches exercises.


Plank is a very famous 10 minute ab workout. It makes your core very strong; it builds strength and endurance. To get all these plank exercise benefits, you have to add this easy 10 min ab workout to your daily workout session.

It is a simple exercise; you have to just hold your body in one position as long as possible, but the benefits it gives to your body are amazing.

Planks improve your posture and make your core strong. Only doing planks for 10 minute daily ab workout can give you a fat tummy with strong abs.

You don’t need any trainer to teach you how to do planks or about the benefits; it is an easy 10 min ab workout which you can do at your home without the support of any trainer. But it is not easy to hold the plank position for a long time, especially if you are a beginner.

Plank exercises have many variations to make them more intense. You can try them later but start with normal plank exercise.

For beginners, they may feel difficulty holding the plank position, but in the beginning, everything feels hard; you have to practice it daily and don’t run from the pain.

With time, this pain will also become a reward.

10 minute ab workout

How to do Planks 10 min ab workout?

  • Get down on the ground. Bend your elbows 90 degrees with your shoulders and stretch your legs straight.
  • The weight of your whole body will be on your elbows and toes.
  • Squeeze your abdomen muscles and keep your back straight.
  • Hold this position as long as you can.
  • Then take some rest and repeat the process.

Flutter Kicks

When we perform flutter kicks ab workout, our abdomen area becomes tight, and we feel pressure on that area. This helps in strengthen the abdomen muscles and increase endurance.

10 min ab workout of Flutter kicks improves sprinting performance, jumping ability and sports skills like swimming.

As compared to aquatic animals, human swimming skills are very poor. Our body feels a drag when we move in water, and it makes it hard for us to move in the water. Flutter kick is a good exercise if you love swimming; it increases the movement of your legs in water which helps you to swim easily.

For beginners taking swimming lessons, flutter kicks will be very beneficial for strengthening the core and swimming. 

10 minute ab workout

How to do flutter kicks 10 minute workout?

  • Lie down on your back. Keep your body straight.
  • Put your hands under your butts for support.
  • Now raise your legs without bending them.
  • Don’t raise your legs too much; your butts should touch the ground.
  • Keep your legs 6inches above the ground.
  • Now move your legs up and down alternately in the air.

Bicycle Crunches

We can say bicycle crunches are the upgraded version of crunches for 10 minute ab workout.

If you are new to this exercise, don’t get confused by the name of this exercise; there is no need for a bicycle to do this exercise. You can do this 10 min abs workout without any equipment.

According to a study in 2001 sponsored by ACE, bicycle crunches are the best abs exercise. It involves upper and lower abs and the oblique in a single exercise.

In bicycle crunches, the involvement of the legs and lower body is more than the upper body. Still, in normal crunches, there is more upper body involvement.

If you feel bicycle crunches are an easy 10 min ab workout, you can slow down the movements of your legs or hold the legs in crunch position for 4-5 seconds. It will increase the intensity of the ab workout and give more tension to the targeted muscles.

bicycle crunches

How to do bicycle crunches 10 minute ab workouts?

  • Lie down on your back, and keep your body straight.
  • Fold your hands behind your head, and support your head with your hands.
  • Bent your knees and keep them parallel to the ground.
  • This is your bicycle crunches position.
  • Now move your left leg and right elbow towards the Center of your body and keep your right leg straight in the air. Get back to the initial position.
  • Then right leg and left elbow towards the center, and your left leg should be straight now. Get back to the initial position.
  • This will be the one complete rep of bicycle crunches.
  • When you do this with the flow, it will look like you are paddling the bicycle.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber exercise doesn’t needs a mountain for the workout. There is no need for any equipment to do mountain climber exercise.

It not only makes your abdominal muscles strong but also comes with many other benefits like cardiovascular benefits, strengthening your legs, boosting stamina, etc.

It increases the flexibility and mobility of your hips and knee joints.

It is like a starting partner of your 10 minute daily ab workout; when you feel like it becomes easy for you to do this exercise, you can try variations of mountain climber exercise.

Some variations of mountain climber exercise are foot-switch mountain climbers, sliding mountain climbers and running mountain climbers.

These are the more challenging 10 min abs workouts.

How to do a Mountain climber 10 min abs workout?

  • Get into the plank position without bending your elbows.
  • Your body weight should be on your hands and toes.
  • Now you have to move your knees towards your chest alternately.
  • First, do it with the left leg and then the right.
  • Repeat this process.

Wrap Up – Special 10 Minute Ab Workout for Men and Women

A study by the National Library of Medicine shows that abdominal exercise does not affect body weight and fat percentage. But it improves muscular endurance.

For those seeking 10 minute ab workout to lose belly fat, it is clearly known that these daily Ab workouts are not for them. You can choose 10 minute daily ab workout to improve strength and endurance.

In this list of 10 minute ab workouts, these are the proven best 10 minute ab workout for men and women. There is no limitation of place and equipment for doing these easy 10 min ab workout.

FAQ – 10 Minute Ab Workout

Here we brink you the most frequent questions related to 10 minute ab workout. Many people have doubt about how much 10 minute ab workout is effective and how it will increase the strength and endurance.

Q.1 Is a 10-minute ab workout effective?

Yes, 10 minutes is enough for an ab workout and is effective. 10 minute maybe not be enough for some people, and they may feel that the exercises they will do in min are ineffective. But to make this 10-minute ab workout effective, we can increase the intensity of the workout.

By increasing the intensity of the workout, the effect of exercise will not be reduced due to this short time.

Q.2. How many calories do I burn in a 10-minute ab workout?

As 10 minutes are not a long time, u, you can lose 100-120 calories ia n 10-minute workout by doing a high-intensity b workout.

Q.3. Do ab workouts burn belly fat?

No ab workouts are not very efficient in burning belly fat. The Targeted muscles of ab workouts are the abdominal muscles and core area. But to make ab workouts more efficient in burning belly fat, you should follow a proper workout routine, get a proper healthy diet and avoid junk food.

If you think that doing ab workouts 2-3 days a week will burn your belly fat and make you slim, you are totally wrong. Workout is a part of your weight loss journey; you must take other factors of losing weight seriously.

Q.4. What happens if you do ab workouts every day?

Everyday ab workouts will strengthen your abs, strengthen your core, and increase your body’s endurance. A healthy core will protect you from back pain and help you in your day-to-day work.

Q.5. Which is the best abs exercise?

Crunches and Planks are the two best abs exercises, and these are the most common and famous exercises for abs training. There is no need for any equipment for these exercises, and you can do them anywhere you want. 

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