American Pickers critics claim that 'NO ONE cares anymore about the show' and slam it a flop

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Mike Wolfe (58), host of American Pickers, promoted a new episode on Twitter, but received a lot of resentment from his viewers.

The History Channel star said that he would "pick through Mary Stander’s property".

Mike and Jersey Jon (also known as Jon Szalay) are expected to "discover a pair of 19th century coopered columns" during their latest installment.

However, his tweet was met with harsh criticism by angry viewers.

One critic stated, "No one cares anymore." Frank is the reason that the show was a failure.

Robbie, 60, replaced Frank, 56 on the show. Viewers begged executive producers to let him go.

They claimed that Robbie was a curse and that the show's ratings have plummeted because of it.

One fan complained that Robbie was "a disaster, Mike won't admit to it"


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