Kokum Juice Hidden Benefits

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Kokum Juice is a tasty drink with cooling properties, especially for our bodies

It imparts sourness to the food, like dried mango powder, tamarind paste, or lemon. It is widely used in Konkan dishes.

It has a distinct flavor, and its sourness is also very different. Kokum is famous for its medicinal properties.

The fruit of Kokum is used for making squash to relieve stomach and liver problems, and it is also used for skin problems. Kokum is also a delicious appetizer.

Botanical name of Kokum is Gracinia Indica. The name Indica indicates something about India.

Kokum is a native of India and doesn’t have a strong flavor like tamarind or lemon. People who want to consume mild sour flavor can easily consume Kokum.

Solkadhi is a digestive drink that is not just cooling but also very good for digestion. A drink accompanies it with heavy meals in summer.

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