Sugarcane Fight – fugitive friend

Hello my lovely friends.

Today I am going to tell you about another incident which was happened with me and my friends.

Bicycle Ride

In Meerut our camp was situated at village side and there were lots of farming field. Once me and my friends Naveen and Abhinav were go for a ride on our bicycle, that was evening time we all were on our own bicycle we go out of the camp. The roads were very well maintained and riding a bicycle on it was fun.

We were riding our bicycle, doing race and some little bit stunts. There were lots of field of vegetable and sugarcane.

Sugarcane field

 We decide to get some sugarcane from the field. We see a sugarcane field which was near the road, but the field was at some depth and there was a slope from the road to field.

We go down from the slope and park our bicycle near the field and go inside the sugarcane field to search some good and juicy sugarcane. At the outer side there was not good quality sugarcane.

 Abhinav come out first with sugarcane and stand near the bicycle. I did not go far but Naveen was far from me. I was breaking the sugarcane suddenly I hear the voice of Abhinav he was shouting run run the owner of the field was coming.

 I call Naveen to come out and run towards the bicycle, Abhinav reach the road. I saw owner was coming I also ran toward the road with my bicycle.

The owner caught him

Naveen was far from me so he came late I was shouting run run , he was so stupid, he reach the bicycle before the owner and trying to sitting on the bicycle, but that was not the good decision because there was a slope and road is at some height, so before he reach the road the field owner catch him.

 At that time Abhinav was gone, Naveen was so frighten and saying sorry to the field owner. I was watching him standing at the road I was afraid to go near him. Field owner was threatening Naveen, he didn’t harm him. After sometime he remove air from the both of the tyres of his bicycle and give warning to not to come again and leave him.

Fugitive friend

He came to me and we both move towards our home. We were not far from our home and his bicycle was not in the condition to ride. So we came by walking, we both were searching Abhinav because he leave alone and ran away.

We reach the camp and we saw Abhinav was standing near the park, why did we scold him that he left us alone and ran away. After that we tell him what was happened there. Hearing that, he laughed a lot and we also, then we went to our respective homes.

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