The Magical Cricket Bat

I told you that my bat was broken when we went to play cricket. Now we had no bat to play. Because the bat was only with me and that too was broken now. I and my friends thought of making a bat. Wood is required to make a bat.

Searching for the wood

The forest was 200 meters away from my village. We decided that we will go into the forest and from there we will cut wood to make a bat.

Three or four of us went to the forest together, and there we started looking for good wood to make a bat.

Shortly after, we found a small tree, which was absolutely right for the bat.

How to take wood to village

Now the problem in front of us was that we could not take that wood out of the way. Because on the way there was a forest guard post and he would not let us go to the wood.

There was also a river between the forest and the village, we could not even go through the road of the forest.

We decided that we will throw the wood from the forest on the other side of the river and then come from the other side and take the wood.

We did the same and threw the wood on the other side of the river and came to the village on the way.

Then we went from the other side of the river and brought the wood. Bringing wood from there was also a huge task because we could see the place where the wood was thrown from the forest guard post.

From there we also had to hide that wood, without coming into the eyes of the forest guard.

We came home with the wood, hiding it somehow.

Bat making process

Now we had a task to make a bat from that wood. We brought all the wood cutting tools from our house. We had a mango garden, we all sat down under the tree.

Everyone started putting their mind and gave the bat shape to that wood. It took a lot of effort to make it because we did not have proper tools.

The work is done, we made the bat

After a lot of hard work, we gave him the shape of the bat. The bat was exactly did not look like the other bat’s which we bought from the market.

But he had become so good that we could play cricket with him.

It was summer and the paddy was harvested and the fields were all empty. We also made a pitch to play cricket in a field nearby. We equalized the soil, cleaned the grass, also made wooden wickets.

The handle of the bat we had made was very hard and it used to prick in the hand.

To fix it, we cut the useless tube of the bicycle, made a long strip of it and wrapped it in the handle of the bat, so that it would not prick in the hands and get a grip too.

“Wo kehte hai na manzil se jyada maza safar me aata hai, waise bat chahe jaisa bhi bana ho lekin use banane ke piche jo mehnat lagi usme bahut maza aaya.”

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