The Unknown Problem

The Unknown Problem

The Problem begin

I got my A.T.M card and after that I do many online shopping and my payments, then it became lockdown due to corona virus and everything stopped and I did not make any online payment for 4-5 months.

 My laptop antivirus was over, so I picked an antivirus from Amazon to purchase online and the payment failed to pay. I could not understand what was happening.

To cross check I do a small recharge to my phone through my debit card but that was also failed to pay.

Then I do it with goggle pay that was successfully done. I don’t have any idea what was going on.

I call my friend and tell my problem and he did my payment of antivirus.

Went to the Bank

Solution One

I went to the bank to solve this problem, but that day the banker was not there he was on leave, so I came back to my home.

 Few days later again I go there but he did not even come at that time. Then I go to another banker and tell my problem to her and she sent me to another counter. I go to that counter and tell my problem to him and he say that do KYC, but that time I don’t have my document so I came back and bring KYC form with me.

The next day I go there with my documents and KYC form and do all the procedure that they told me and came back to home in the hope that now the problem will be solved.

Problem not solved

Solution Two

I wait for some days but the problem was not solved. I go to bank and tell him about my problem, he sent me to another counter, I go there and tell him about my problem he say that this is not my work  I told him that another one sent me here then he sent me to the first one again.

 I go there and ask him where to go then he sent me to another counter, I go there and tell him about my problem, then the third one also tell me that this was not his work. Again I go to first one and again he sent me to another counter, I go there and tell my problem to him he tell me to go first one, I tell him that he sent me here.

 Then he took my passbook and check it on his computer then he came with me to first one and tell him what to do. He ask me to write an application and with that application sent me to another counter I go there show her my application she check it on computer but she was in some doubt, so she call the banker who sent me there but he was not there.

I was waiting for banker but he was not coming. She told me that she will do that when he came there and ask me to leave. I also thought that she will do it and I came back to my home.

The next day I checked whether I was getting paid or not, but the payment was not being made and the same problem was showing. Now I was tired of going to the bank again and again even I did not know what the problem is with my debit card.

Problem not solved

 Problem — Online Transaction

Solution Three

After some days I call the customer care and tell them about my problem, they told me that I was not using my card so long for online payment so bank disable the online transaction in my account due to lot’s of online fraud.

Then I know about the exact problem of my card.

They gave me a number and tell me to send some sms on it and I will get conformation from there then I will use my debit card for online shopping.

I send that sms to given number and wait for some days but I did not get any conformation message or call. So again I call customer care and tell them that I did not get and conformation call or message.

Problem not solved

Solution Four

They told me that I have to go bank for this and tell them to enable my online transaction.

I go to bank and tell her to enable my online transaction she sent me to another counter and make an application from there, I go there and tell him to make my application to enable my online transaction, he say that it will take time and ask me to come with line.

Final Solution- Net Banking

 One guy was standing there he told I will do it with my own by using net banking and the banker also say that yes you can do it by net banking. The network was not working properly so I came back to my home and next day I make my net banking account and do what he told me to do.

But there were some server issue so I was not able to do that. I watch some youtube videos and next day I follow all the steps shown in the youtube videos. Then I do a recharge on my phone to check it out and the problem was solved my recharge was successful.

Problem Solved

 I was very happy I go to my mom’s room and tell her that the card problem was solved. She was also happy.

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