Top 10 Amazing solo trip destination in India

Solo trips are important to know yourself how strong and brave you are, to know your weakness and your strengths. You are alone no one is there behind you to support you when some problems you face. This will help you to gain confidence and making new friends and exploring new places.

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Here are Top 10 Amazing solo trip destination in India:

·        Kasol

·        Kodaikanal

·        Varkala

·        Hampi

·        Pondicherry

·        Shillong

·        Alleppey

·        Darjeeling

·        Orchha

·        Nubra Valley

1.     1.   Kasol

You will not get disappointed by the natural beauty of Kasol. The beauty of Kasol is unbeatable, you can not compare its beauty with other hill stations. Every hill stations have their own unique natural beauty. 

High mountains which are covered with lush green grasses, with full of Pine trees. To see the unique natural beauty of kasol monsoon is the best time to visit.

The flowing cold water of Parvati river and the melodious sound of that water will provide coolness to your mind.

With the distance of 4 km from Kasol you can visit the beautiful Gurudwara of Manikaran Sahib.

2.       2. Kodaikanal

“Princes of hill station” Kodaikanal is situated in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

 Kurinji flowers which bloom once every 12 years, Kodaikanal is one of the place where it bloom. Tourism is the main source or revenue of the city.

Moir point is a place where you can see teh scenic view of mountains and the natural beauty of the valleys.

Large number of photographers and film makers reach the  Pine forest to capture the beautiful landscape in their cameras. 

Mr. Bryant started the pine plantation as a means of economic profit in the southwest part of Kodaikanal, and Pine forest in the part of it. 

3.      3. Varkala

50 km north of Trivandrum and 150 km south of Kochi, Varkala is one of the most unique places in Kerala. It’s specialty being that it is the only cliff beach in Kerala. Just picture a long rustic beach surrounded by red-rock cliffs over a calming blue sea.

Here the 2000-year-old temple is called Janardhan Temple and the main Varkala beach is known as Papanasam.

Close to India’s Southern tip, Varkala is easily accessible through Trivandrum, Kochi, and Banglore. Varkala is divided into 3 parts- North cliff, south Cliff, and the main town centre. While most of the locals stay in the town, the tourists prefer the north cliff.

4.       4. Hampi

This town is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra. Hampi was the capital of the medieval Hindu kingdom of the Vijayanagar empire and now only exists in the form of ruins.

 You must have seen or heard about Tenali Rama and Raja Krishna Dev Rai’s stories and television shows about Vijayanagar.

In the mythological treatise Ramayana, Hampi has also been mentioned as the capital of the monkey kingdom of Kishkindha. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many monkeys here.

Virupaksha Temple is the main place here. In 1509, during his consecration, Krishnadev Rai built it, the main attraction of the Vithal temple is the chariot with its pillars and stones.                                                                                                                

5.      5. Pondicherry

Image Source: Photo by Photoganon from Pexels

Pondicherry is a Union Territory and ex-French colony of India situated at the Southern part of the Indian, Peninsula surrounded by Indian state Tamil Nadu and Andhrapradesh.

The nearest railhead to reach Pudducherry is the Puducherry station or Villupuram station. Also, it is well-connected by air. The nearest airport is Puducherry Airport.

Auroville is the most popular destination in Pondicherry, it is known as the city of dawn. It attracts thousands of people every day for its wonderful and picturesque landscape.

Rock beach is also known as promenade beach. This beach is a bench front located along the Bay of Bengal.

6.     6.   Shillong

This city is the largest in the state of Meghalaya. It is also known as “Scotland of East”.

 It is the safest place for female solo travelers.

On one side of Shillong is covered with greenery and on another side, the city life makes it multi-dimensional.

High mountains surrounded by clouds, greenery spread all around, the fragrance of flowers and friendly people of Shillong will win your heart.

You can visit Ward’s Lake locally known as Nan-Polok which is an artificial lake, Elephant fall, Umiam Lake, Shillong Peak, Police bazaar, Don Bosco Museum, Sweet falls, and many more places.

7.    7.   Alleppey

Best known for its houseboat Alleppey is a city of “The Gods Own County” Kerala.

The hub of Kerala backwaters the true Venice of India. Alleppey is home to a vast network of waterways and over a thousand houseboats, you will soon notice yourself immersed in a watery world sunsets coconut trees, and boats.

8.     8.   Darjeeling

It is a beautiful city of West Bengal famous for its Tea all around the world.

In the month of April-May, you see the workers breaking the tea leaves.

You can enjoy the ride of Toy train.

Toy train covers 84 kilometers from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling and it takes almost 7 hours 20 minutes to cover the total distance.

9.      9. Orchha

Orchha is a historical town in Niwari district of State Madhya Pradesh.

This is the first city of the world where Lord Ram is worshiped not as God, but as King Ram. Orchha, one such tourist destination of Central India, is full of History, Spirituality, and Natural beauty.

Orchha Mahal also known as Raja Mahal, it’s foundation was laid by the first King Rudra Pratap Singh here in 1501 and the rest was built in 1591 under the supervision of King Madhukar Shah.

       10.  Nubra Valley

Image Source: By Raghavan V – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Nubra valley is full of surprises and one of the most picturesque places in Ladakh.

The cold desert of Nubra Valley known as Hundar, situated on the river bed of Syok, this place is famous for its outstretched desert between these huge Valleys, now since our childhood, we have been taught that the ship of the desert is a Camel. But unlike the single-humped camels, these were the double-humped camels, known as Bactrian camels.

This amazing combination of the cold desert and the Bactrian camel makes this place a unique tourist attraction.

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