10 Best Benefits of Aerobic Exercise 2022

benefits of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are done to burn lots of calories. Aerobic exercises are not done to target any particular part of the body. These exercises are done to improve the overall parts of the body and provide the benefits of aerobic exercises to all body parts.

To get the benefits of aerobic exercise you have to be consistent. Perform these exercises regularly and they will make your body strong.  

You do not need to go to a gym or fitness center to do these exercises; you can do these aerobic exercise.

We can say these are kind of fun exercises, Due to which your heartbeat becomes fast, you have to put the effort in breathing and sweat a lot. Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in blood cells.

By doing aerobic exercise daily, the strength and stamina in the body increase, and the body always remains fit and energetic.

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Aerobic exercises and their Benefits 



Benefits of cycling aerobic exercise

Cycling is a very common thing that everyone has done in their childhood time. But we do not know about its benefits. And as we grow older, we stop cycling.

Cycling helps a lot in increasing our stamina, improves joint mobility, and strengthened bones. Cycling also strengthened our legs.

Cycling also helps you in keeping your body healthy and away from diseases.

Cycling is a very good option to exercise, if you go out for cycling in the morning before sunrise, so you can also enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise along with exercise.

You will come to know how fresh the morning air is and how lovely the road looks without vehicles.

High knee jacks

Benefits of High knee jacks aerobic exercise

High knee jacks are a great exercise. This will help in increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

In this exercise, the movement of hands and feet is done very well, due to which a lot of sweat comes out from our body and our calories are also burnt.

By doing this exercise, again and again, the coordination in our body also increases.

The benefits of this aerobic exercise are that it also increases the strength of our body and also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

How to do High knee jacks aerobic exercise?

Stand with your legs apart and hands straight in the upward direction.

Bend your left leg and rise to your chest, swing your arms then touch both your hands under the left leg. Get back to the initial position.

Now bend your right leg and rise to your chest, swing your arms then touch both hands under the right leg and get back to the initial position.

Repeat the procedure for 30 seconds.

Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Benefits of jumping jacks aerobic exercise

Jumping jacks is a wonderful exercise. This covers a very large part of the body. It involves the movement of arms, legs, hips, shoulders, and middle body.

Due to the involvement of more parts of the body in this workout, it burns more calories.

You can do this great aerobic exercise at your home and get unlimited benefits of this aerobic exercise. You can easily do this exercise at your home without any equipment.

How to do Jumping jacks aerobic exercise?

Stand straight with your legs together; keep your hands resting on your thighs.

Now move your hands over your head from the side and jump with your legs apart.

Then come back to your initial position and repeat the process.

Split Jumps

Benefits of Split Jumps aerobic exercise

Split jump is a very good cardio exercise. It is like jumping with walking movement. Split jump is a very easy exercise, which we can do for a long time without any fatigue.

Benefits of this aerobic exercise are that it strengthens the muscles of the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and anterior tibialis.

By doing this daily, your knees will be strong and you will not have the problem of knee pain.

How to do Split Jumps aerobic exercise?

Stand straight, with your legs apart. Take a jump on your place and move your right leg forward and left leg backward. With the next jump move the left leg forward and the right leg backward.

Repeat the pattern.

 Forward Jumps

forward jump
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Benefits of forwarding Jumps aerobic exercise

The benefits of this aerobic exercise are it will increase explosive strength and make lower body muscles stronger. It improves the mobility of your knee joints and your legs become stronger.

If it takes more strength to do this, then calories will also be burnt more.

Due to this a lot of sweat will come out of your body and the excess fat will also be reduced, and your body will remain fit and in good condition.

This exercise seems like jumping like a frog.

How to do forward jump aerobic exercise?

Stand straight. Then bend your knees take a jump but not in your place. Jump in the forward direction.

Turn back make another jump to your initial position. Repeat the process.


Benefits of Punches aerobic exercise

Whenever we hear the word punches, the thought of fighting comes to our mind. But we do not know that exercise can also be done with punches

For this exercise, we do not have to punch anyone; we just have to do the action of punching in the air.

In this exercise, there is a lot of movement of the hands. And it takes strength to do it. By which our heart beats faster and sweat comes out of the body, which makes it a very good aerobic exercise.

How to do Punches aerobic exercise?

Stand straight with your legs apart. Bend your elbows and come into the fighting position, make fists with your hands.

Stand in your place and punch in front of you. First with one hand and then with another hand and repeat the process or slowly increase the speed of punches. 

If you have a punching bag in your home so can do this exercise by using that punching bag.

Stair Climbing

stair climbing

Benefits of stair climbing aerobic exercise

Everyone has stairs in their homes. But we can also use those stairs as exercise, not everyone is aware of this.

We can get lots of health benefits from this aerobic exercise.

It has been seen in old people that they have difficulty climbing stairs. There is a pain in their knee joints. We can strengthen our joints and legs by using stairs so that in the future we also do not have to bear the problem of joint pain.

We can use the stairs to go to our homes instead of using the lifts, which will also give us a kind of exercise and our body will also be healthy.

It takes different types of force on our feet to go up and down the stairs, which helps to strengthen our legs. Also, it is a stamina-building exercise.

How to do stair climbing aerobic exercise?

Stand at the starting of the stairs and start climbing till 10 – 20 stairs and then come back down the stairs. Repeat the process 10-15 times.

Keep your speed medium while going up and down the stairs and also take care that water does not fall on the stairs and do not fall stairs by stumbling. 

Lunge Jump

Benefits of lunge jump aerobic exercise

Lunges are a very good exercise in themselves, but if jumps are added to it, then it becomes even better. This aerobic exercise will go a long way in making your lower body strong and flexible.

Lunge jump is a combination of lunges and jumps. It also improves body balance and stretches the legs.

It works very well on the area of your quads, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves.

How to do lunge jump aerobic exercise?

Get into a lunge position. Take your right leg one big step forward and bend your both knees and make 90 degrees with them.

Your right leg should be up facing and left leg down facing.

Now take a jump and change the position of your legs in the air by bringing your left leg forward and your right leg backward.

To maintain the balance of your body, you can use your hand.

Make the same 90-degree angle by bending both your knees and again take a jump and change the position of your legs.

Repeat this process.

To make it more difficult, you can increase your speed.

Bear Crawls

Benefits of bear crawl aerobic exercise

Bear crawls aerobic exercise strengthens your arms and legs. When you bend on the ground, there is a lot of pressure on your wrist and in the same way, doing it, again and again, strengthens the wrist joint.

 Bear crawl aerobic exercise strengthen your whole body and increases your stamina. It boosts metabolism and improves cardiovascular health.

Like a bear, it takes a lot of strength to walk with both hands and feet, and by doing this for a long time; the heartbeat also becomes faster and sweat also comes out.

Due to this we feel tired for some time, but after that energy comes into the body, and the body becomes very active.

How do a bear crawl aerobic exercise?

Get down on your legs and hands. Now move your left hand and right leg forward, then move your right hand and left leg forward. Keep on repeating the same process.

Similarly, do the hands and feet back and forth at least 20 to 25 times.

Planks Jacks

plank jacks

Benefits of planks jacks aerobic exercise

To increase your core strength planks jacks is a wonderful exercise; it also helps reduce back pain. By doing this exercise, your endurance can also increase.

Planks Jacks is a combination of jumping jacks and planks. This provides the benefits of both aerobic exercises.

This exercise is done in plank position, so it also strengthens your abdominal muscles and also helps in reducing belly fat.

How to do planks jacks aerobic exercise?

Get down on the floor in a planks position. Bent your elbow raises your body and keeps your legs straight.

Without moving your upper body only moves your legs, as we do in jumping jacks. Open your legs and then close them with a jump.

Repeat the process.

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercises are the format of physical exercises that range from low to high intensity and that can be performed for a brief period.

It primarily depends on the aerobic energy-generating process aerobic exercise is a format of exercise that you can sustain for a long period.

The main focus and benefits of aerobic exercise to work out your heart rate and heart muscles as well as the lung muscles, most aerobic exercises are right to moderate in intensity and can be performed for an extended period.

For example: walking, jogging, running, swimming, etc.

Types of aerobic exercise

1. Cardio aerobic exercises

2. Strength aerobic exercises

3. Flexibility aerobic exercises

4. Stamina aerobic exercises

 Importance of aerobics for students

It is very important to stay fit in student life, if students fall ill even a little, then it affects their studies a lot. Aerobic exercise helps in keeping our body fit and healthy.

Staying healthy plays a huge role in student life, because if the student remains healthy, then only he will be able to concentrate on his studies.

If any student wakes up early in the morning before going to school and goes jogging, then it is very beneficial for his mind and body.

By doing daily aerobic exercise, the student’s body does not get sluggish and they can concentrate fully on their studies in school. Due to being fit and healthy, they also stay ahead in sports.

Difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises involve repeating the same pattern over a long period. Due to this the demand for oxygen increases, the heartbeat starts accelerating and sweat starts flowing from the body.

We start taking long breaths, due to which the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, and more oxygen reaches the muscles of the body.

Exercises like cycling, jogging, and swimming come in the category of aerobic exercises.

The benefits of aerobic exercises are they lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular conditioning, strengthen the immune system and improve lung function.

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercises are more intense than aerobic exercises, but the duration of these exercises is shorter. The involvement of oxygen did not happen in these exercises, the body uses stored glucose to provide energy.

Anaerobic exercise helps in increasing muscle mass and strength in the body.

Exercises like weightlifting, sprinting, Pilates comes in the category of anaerobic exercise.

The benefits of anaerobic exercises are it increases strength, boosts metabolism, promotes weight maintenance, and reduce the risk of diseases.

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Summary of Benefits of Aerobic Exercise 

You will not see the benefits of these aerobic exercises at once, as you keep doing them regularly, your body will continue to become strong.

You will be able to do any work for a long time and you will not be too tired. Diseases will stay away from you; you will always remain agile in your body.

That’s why it is very important to do any exercise, to keep your body healthy.

You don’t need to do only aerobic exercise; you can do any type of exercise so that your body remains healthy.

If you find this article “Top 10 benefits of aerobic exercise” informative and knowledgeable share it with your friends and family members, so they can also get this knowledge. 



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