Top 10 Best must visit Waterfalls in India

Here is the list of India’s 10 must visit waterfalls. If you are planning to visit the waterfall this list will help you and make a perfect waterfall destination for you.

  • ·         Jog Falls
  • ·         Chitrakote waterfalls
  • ·         Athirappilly waterfalls
  • ·         Dhuandhaar Falls
  • ·         Dudhsagar Falls
  • ·         Nohkahikai Falls
  • ·         Amboli Waterfall
  • ·         Hogenkkal Falls
  • ·         Elephant falls
  • ·         Shivanasamudra

1. Jog Falls

Best time to visit Jog falls- July– September (monsoon season)

Opening timing – Monday to Friday, 11 am to 3 pm

Jog Falls of Karnataka is India’s second-highest waterfall with an 830 feet long drop. This waterfall is created by the river Sharavati flowing through the Western Ghats. It is located on the Uttara Kannada and Sagara Border.

It is a segmented waterfall, so it depends on the rain and season it becomes a plunge waterfall.

2. Chitrakote waterfalls

Best time to visit Chitrakote waterfalls– October to March

 Located in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, Chitrakoot Falls is a spectacular natural beauty. It falls from a height of 95 ft and is almost as wide as 985 ft, which makes it the widest waterfall of India and therefore, it’s called Niagra Falls of India.

First it reach to Odisha, then take entry in Andhra Pradesh, and at last merge in the Godavari River.

This waterfall looks so dreamy that you won’t take your eyes off and on the left bank of the fall, a very famous Hindu shrine of Lord Shiva is located.

3. Athirappilly Waterfall

Best time to visit Athirappilly waterfalls– September to January

Athirappilly is the largest and most stunning waterfall of God’s own country, Kerala. This breathtakingly beautiful fall is located on the Chalakudy River in the district of Kerala.

This 80-feet high waterfall has a width of 330 feet and the view of majestic Athirappilly falls in the scenic background of dense, green rainforest is something you can’t miss.

4. Dhuandhaar Falls

Best time to visit Dhuandhaar Falls – Mid-November to Mid-March

Dhuandhaar falls is a scenic waterfall on the holy Narmada River in Jabalpur District of Madhya Pradesh. Dhuandhaar falls is also known as the ‘Smoke cascade’ because the water of Dhuandhaar falls creates mist while falling and it will definitely be a great treat for your eyes.

Apart from this fall, tourists come here for one more reason, to see the huge marble rocks in the entire area and to enjoy the waterfall in its entirety, you should either take a boat-ride or ride on Dhuandhaar Ropeway.

5.  Dudhsagar Falls

Best time to visit Dudhsagar FallsSeptember to May

It is located on the border of Goa and Karnataka, Dudhsagar waterfalls flow from a height of roughly 1020 feet making it the 6thhighest waterfalls in the country.

This Konkani name ‘Dudhsagar’ means an Ocean of Milk and as the name suggests, it gives you an illusion of milk falling from a goblet.

You can view the base of the Dudhsagar falls via train, by a jeep or if you’re feeling adventurous enough, by a trek also. So when you’re in Goa, there’s no way you should miss this gorgeous attraction.  

6. Nohkalikai waterfalls

Best time to visit Nohkalikai waterfalls October to December and March to May

Nohkalikai waterfalls of Meghalaya, it’s the fourth-highest in the world and the tallest in India which drop from a height of 1100 feet in the wettest place on Earth called ‘Cherrapunji’.

Falling on the green slopes, this heavenly beautiful waterfall will surely give you the best vibes.

There are many different viewpoints and staircases around the cliff from where you can take a view of these falls and it’s said that throughout the winter, the waters of this pool display brilliant blue color while it turns into green in the following summer season.

7. Amboli Waterfall

Best time to visit Aboli Waterfall – June to August

Amboli waterfall is in the hill station of Amboli in the part of South Maharastra.

Stairs are made near the waterfall you can see the water coming down through the stairs, which makes them slippery. So you have to be careful while going up to the waterfall.

It will be a wonderful experience to get wet in the beautiful waterfall. The forests and waterfall of Amboli came alive in the monsoon.

You can also enjoy the beautiful Amboli waterfall view with tea and snacks in nearby stalls.

    8. Hogenakkal falls

Best time to visit Hogenakkal falls– October to February

It is the most beautiful waterfall of Tamil Nadu. This amazing series of waterfalls located on the famous Kaveri River in the Dharmapuri district is a sight to watch.

The waterfalls in a circle and finally hits the small pool in the middle that is surrounded by some of the oldest carbonite rocks.

This waterfall is a major tourist attraction in the state and immensely famed for boat rides and medicinal baths and you cannot go there by road. You’ll have to take bamboo boats which are called Coracles to reach the falls which only adds thrill to the experience.

   9. Elephant falls

Best time to visit Elephant falls – July to September

The elephant falls is one the best and busiest spots in Shillong. Due to the elephant-shaped rock near the falls it got its name the Elephant-fallls.

The elephant falls are divided into three phases and all these phases can be seen from three different vantage points.

The first part is comparatively broader and is tucked between dense trees, the second part gets narrower and finally, the last one is the tallest of all and worth-seeing.

This serene location is a paradise for tourists here.

10. Shivanasamudra

Best time to visit Shivanasamudra waterfalls – July to October

Situated on the Kaveri river, Shivanasamudra is one of the best waterfalls in India which is also among the popular one-day trip from Bangalore.

 Shivanasamudra’s island divides the Kaveri River into two parts which make twin waterfalls, which are called Gaganachukki and Barachukki.

It’s a segmented waterfall, which means the water flows on multiple sides here which is a visual treat for all the visitors. With this, there are a group of ancient temples too near this waterfall where you can visit. 

These are the top 10 best must visit waterfalls in India, Beauty of the waterfalls shows that how beautiful nature is and the power of flowing water shows that how dangerous the rivers will be.
So to enjoy the beauty of nature and visits these amazing waterfalls.

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